Deep Gully Extension Threatens Multi_million Market Project
By Kaweesa Hope
July 18th, 2023

The Continuous Expansion And Extension Of A  Deep Gully Behind Paidha Central Market In Awinjiri Cell  Paidha Town Council Zombo District Are Drawing Mixed Views Amongst Some Concerned Residents. #WhisperEyeNews

Deep Gully extension threatens multi_million market project

The continuous expansion and extension of a  deep gully behind Paidha central market in Awinjiri Cell  Paidha Town Council Zombo district are drawing mixed views amongst some concerned residents. #WhisperEyeNews

There is growing fear that if the gully expansion is not addressed soonest, it will affect the multi-million market project that is soon to be commissioned.

The gully has expanded more than 15 meters wide with a length of over 40 metres towards the old market block.

Angelu Unegiu, The LC 1 chairperson of Awinjiri cell Central Ward Paidha Town Council said: "This gullies started many years ago as a result of running from the old Market block, it continues to create holes every day here, it's not only threatening the market block but also lives here".

The guy is being viewed as a big threat to lives and properties.

The Councillor representing Elderly persons in Paidha Town Council Orwinyu Silivani noted that"  if the council can't address the crisis, they should forward it to higher authorities other wise this deep gully is turning out to be a menace to life and development".
The deep gully behind Paidha central market in Zombo district continues to extend each time it rains creating fear that it might affect the multi-million market structure that awaits Commissioning.

A resident of Awinjiri Cell known as Gilbert Okech Said " The Problem with us here is, we want things to get worse before we sort out issues, this gully is going to become a big problem I swear because it started a long time ago and it's extending and Expanding every time it rains".

Paidha's main market was established in the 1950s and it's well known for its richness in agricultural products. 

A larger section of the Market still operates in the dilapidated structures locally constructed in the 1950s.

The new market block is few meters away from the deep gully.

The deep gulley that is extending towards the Market keeps on expanding whenever it rains heavily. Apparently, it's continuing to dismantle trees and gardens in the area.

The gulley has of late created a feeling of anxiety amongst the local community.

The Town clerk of Paidha Desmond Odota in a Council meeting recently said" The council has allocated 20 million Ugandan shillings to kickstart work on the deep gully " that is threatening the market.

The deep gully has been extending inch by inch more than Two years ago according to the locals. 

Annually, the market generates a revenue of about Ugx  72 million for the council.

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