Tension as Ugandans impound 10 Congolese motorcycles
By Mike Rwothomio
June 17th, 2023

By Mike Rwothomio. Ugandans have impounded ten motorcycles belonging to Congolese in the Nebbi district in retaliation after four of their Motorcycles were reportedly impounded in DRC recently. WhisperEyeNews

The members most of whom are from Goli trading center in Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi District said the move is to call for the attention of higher authorities, who have been mute over the matter. The Vice Chairperson of Rear valley boda boda association in Goli trading center Jupangira Sub County Raphael Oronya noted that their several efforts to claim back their impounded motorcycles from DRC were to no avail. “Last week Congolese impounded three of our bikes for no good reason.on Sunday they added another one. We have also decided to impound ten of their Motorcycles”Oronya stressed. Jony Oromcan, from Goli trading center, said his motorcycle was impounded by irate Congolese football fans whose motorcycles were impounded by URA officers attached to border Custom. He added that the ticked-off Congolese vandalized his dashboards and breaks and his motorcycle was taken to an unknown destination up to now. “I was from Congo and when I met these Congolese most of whom were so charged, they stopped me and confiscated my bike straight away. They vandalized everything as I looked on. They claim that URA officers attached to Goli border customs had impounded many of their Motorcycles”, Oromcan told the whispereye news. The LC 1 chairperson of Boma west village, Jupangira Sub-county Richard Kwikumi revealed that most of the impounded motorcycles of boda boda riders at DRC were given out on loans. ” Most of those bikes are being tracked and I don’t know how these young boys are going to sort themselves out” Kwikumi noted. It’s not clear when URA impounded motorcycles belonging to the Congolese in Nebbi district. Ugandan motorcycles were impounded by the locals in DRC but the Congolese motorcycles were reportedly impounded by The URA officers who were operating under the custom law. Many people reckon that what will open the can of worms is the stern warning to URA officers by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, on achieving their tax collection target in the forthcoming financial year. A high-level closed-door emergency meeting was convened by the security team from the Nebbi district headed by the deputy RDC and deputy commissioner of Mahagi at Goli border customs on the DRC Territory over the matter and journalists were not allowed to attend. The Nebbi deputy RDC Hassan Sembalirwa after the close door meeting whilst addressing journalists noted that they have recommended joint monthly Meetings between security and The leadership of boda boda associations from either state to foster unity and peace. He also added that the issue of the impounded motorcycles is being thrashed out. Last year in the neighboring Zombo district, there was a fiery clash between boda boda riders and URA officers attached to Padea border customs in Padea town council, after 14 motorcycles belonging to Ugandans from Zombo district were impounded by Congolese in DRC who had claimed that two of their Motorcycles were impounded by URA officers in Uganda.

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