Community want go green campaign revived to mitigate climate change
By Mike Rwothomio
June 20th, 2023

The community in pacego village in Panyango sub-county want the area leaders to intensify campaign against current rampant massive destruction of vital forests for charcoal in order to minimize the devastating effects of deforestation. #WhisperEyeNews

The members informed the Environmental officials that the interventions of planting 6,000 different tree species along Wadelai Pakwach road, under the go green campaign by the ministry of water and Environment facility North has hit a statement over negligence by the community members.

According to Onen Manano, the village chairperson Puvunga traditional tree species are in danger of extinction due to the continuous demand for charcoal and timber and want the authority saved from losing all viable forest cover due to such unsustainable human activities.

“the bid trees we used to here have been cleared for charcoal and other activities we used to have more yields due to heavy rain severally have made it a mandate that no one will cut trees in my area,” Manano said.

They are now calling on the government to deal with those behind of destroying forests for commercial purposes: considering the vital role forests play in rain formation and agriculture, Oketha Paliel a resident narrates that migrant workers have equally destroyed all major trees in Pa’lango across Nwoya and this has   resulted into reduced rain pattern attributing it to poor regulations and firewood exploitation.

Some of the tree species cut down in Pakwach district for charcoal purposes that the locals want to be protected from their extinction

He adds:“ many people of Jonam that have migrated for farming have cut down trees that side of River Nile, the massive rain that we used to receive that side is no more all these we lack knowledge on climate change”

Despite the Pakwach district security committee putting a total ban on dealing in commercial charcoal business the vice is still on a rampage as fuel charcoal is mainly used for cooking:

However, Pamela Nyamutuka the regional country director appreciated the vigilance of alarming stakeholders

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) estimates that 1.8% of forest land in Uganda is annually lost.

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