Tension as RDC orders closure of a Mosque
By Kaweesa Hope
June 27th, 2023

The RDC Of Pakwach Paul Eseru Has Ordered For The Closure Of The Most Outstanding Pakwach Nur Mosque Situated In Pakwach Town Council To Prevent Escalating Violence And Bloodshed.

The RDC of Pakwach Paul Eseru has ordered for the closure of the most outstanding Pakwach Nur mosque situated in Pakwach town council to prevent escalating violence and bloodshed.

Since the 9th of June this year, Muslims in Pakwach district have been embroiled in Leadership disputes following  Leadership changes made by the Nebbi district Muslim leadership.

The situation became tense after some  Muslims formed factions with some in support whilst others are against the changes made.

The RDC  said initially they had a meeting with the Muslims and a consensus was reached,  that a neutral person is at the helm of prayers at the Mosque as a process is ongoing to fix the situation by the Muslim leadership at district, regional and National levels. This has not solved anything as clashes were still ongoing at the mosque. 

He proposed that the main Mosque which has become a centre of controversy remains under lock and key until the situation is sorted to prevent bloodshed in the area.

"The Muslims are disputing over what I think the administration and leadership of that area. It came as a result of the District cardi who made some changes within his area of jurisdiction which didn't go well with Jonam Upper. With guidance from Muslim leadership from the district, regional and National level, there was a proposal that a neutral person takes charge of prayers at the Mosque. However on Friday when I was not around, There is Cardi that went to the Mosque and a scuffle ensued. Security had to intervene. we are also constrained to carry out anything. So we had to  first close in order to bring peace into the area." Eseru noted

The Muslim leadership at district, regional and National levels had told Pakwach district security committee that the situation shall be resolved after Eid Aldha celebration that is slated for the 28th of this month.

The county Khadi of jonam upper khalif Wadrif welcomes the RDC's resolution.

" Actually the case is before the RDC. Today in the afternoon he called us for a brief meeting. He said he is engaging higher authorities of Muslim supreme council because this friction can cause bloodshed", Wadrif Said.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Pakwach Nur mosque Sabir Ongier said they are proposing to hold prayers on Wednesday at Super Eagle FC playground instead of the main mosque.

The district security committee headed by the RDC has resolved that unless the situation is cleared by the Muslim leadership at the district, regional and National Levels, the mosque shall remain under lock and key to prevent further bloodshed.

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