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A mega cross-border market launched in Nebbi
By Mike Rwothomio
July 8th, 2023

By Mike Rwothomio

A once outstanding cross-border market that was closed in the Nebbi district in 2020 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic has been relaunched this week. #WhisperEyeNews

Situated next to Goli Mission Play Ground in Jupangira parish, Jupangira Sub-county, the market used to attract traders especially fish mongers from Pakwach district, Produce dealers and traders from Nebbi, Zombo, DRC and other neighbouring areas gave its strategic location close to Uganda_DRC border.

Since its inception in 2016, the border Sub_county Of Jupangira has been operating without any lucrative sub_county market that is a major source of revenue for many lower local governments.

The LC1 chairperson of Goli Boma west village Richard Kwikumi has clearly stated that market dues shall not be collected from the traders currently.

He rallied people from all walks of life to support the cross-border market by bringing in their merchandise.

“We are so happy that finally the Market has been relaunched, we call upon everyone to come and trade Freely in this market, Our brothers and sisters from DRC are most welcome. At the moment the council has decided that market dues should not be collected “, Kwikumi told the Whisper Eye news.

The cross-border weekly market days are Tuesday and Friday.

People used to travel to look for marketplaces like Paidha in Zombo, Nyalip in DRC and Nebbi market in Nebbi Municipality.

Local leaders believe the market will serve the bigger population from notable institutions like Goli Border Customs, Goli Mission, Goli woman centre, Goli health centre 4, Uringi ss and other areas.

There is hope for a revenue boost for Jupangira Sub County Lower local government according to Felix Mugisha, the District councillor of Jupangira Sub_county.

Local government revenue sources are market dues, parking fees and fines, property tax, and business licenses amongst others.

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