Congolese national murdered, dumped in Ugandan river
By Mike Rwothomio
July 24th, 2023

Locals At Goli Border Border Customs In Jupangira Parish Jupangira Sub_County In Nebbi District Were Sent Into A Panic Mode After The Body Of A Congolese National Was Discovered At  River Nyarwodhu, Which Separates Uganda And DR Congo On Surtaday 22nd July.

The Deceased Has Been Identified As Nyongo Abedkane, A Resident Of Nyalip From DR Congo -Uganda Border.

Locals at Goli Border Border Customs in Jupangira Parish Jupangira Sub_County in Nebbi District were sent into a panic mode after the body of a Congolese national was discovered at  River Nyarwodhu, which separates Uganda and DR Congo on Surtaday 22nd July.

The deceased has been identified as Nyongo Abedkane, A resident of Nyalip from DR Congo -Uganda Border.

A car washer from Goli Border Custom from the DR Congo Side only identified as Biefent, discovered the body whilst drawing water from river Nyarwodhu.

" I was just fetching water to wash the car and incidentally, I saw the body of that person who was half naked, I was shocked and immediately rushed to report the incident to local leaders," The Panic Biefent told the Whisper Eye News.

Ugwaru Mungunuti, The Chief of Anzida Nyalip in Mahagi Territory at DR Congo_Uganda Border said,  the deceased was stabbed several times before he was dumped into the river.

Ugwaru further stressed that The place is too bushy and has become a hub of insecurity lately.

Terensio Okecha,   A father to the Deceased said " My son got lost on Thursday and I have never seen him since, as I talk now, I'm just helpless and have left everything in the hands of God".

The deceased was a member of the Goli Border Custom Blockers Association in the Nebbi District.

The President of  The Blockers Association Odaga Piyesu said,  "We Condoled with the bereaved family because this young man was a calm and hard-working person. He never fight with anybody, His death has shocked all of us here".

This comes at a  time when Ugandan Authorities at Goli Border Customs in Nebbi District have activated stringent security measures that amongst others include no movement across the Border through the entry points beyond 7:30 PM.

The restrictions according to locals have led to illegal border crossings by local residents,  who share similar language and culture,  and above all converge for social gatherings together notwithstanding the Territorial boundaries.

The body of the deceased was handed over by local Authorities to the family members for burial.

Additional reporting by Mike Rwothomio and Ofoymungu Lee

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