Irrigation farmers push for the creation of water for cattle
By Mike Rwothomio
July 22nd, 2023

By Geofrey Achora Jr

PAKWACH: Designated Farmers Under The Wadelai Irrigation In Pakwach District Have Tasked The Government Through The Minister Of Northern Uganda To Retract Water Ways For Cattle And Hasten Connecting Electricity To Help In Value Addition.

 The Farmers Carrying Growing Mainly Rice, And Lemons On A Large Scale Through The Irrigation Scheme Disagree That Transiting From Subsistence Farming To Commercial Agriculture As A Creator Of Wealth Supplemented By The Rearing Of Cows For Both Beef And Milk Production Will Be Detrimental Without The Component Of A Special Point Of Drinking Water For The Animals

By Geofrey Achora Jr

PAKWACH: Designated farmers under the Wadelai irrigation in Pakwach district have tasked the government through the minister of Northern Uganda to retract water ways for cattle and hasten connecting electricity to help in value addition.

 The farmers carrying growing mainly rice, and lemons on a large scale through the irrigation scheme disagree that transiting from subsistence farming to commercial agriculture as a creator of wealth supplemented by the rearing of cows for both beef and milk production will be detrimental without the component of a special point of drinking water for the animals

These concerns were raised on Thursday during the launch of the Barraza in the local government with the entry point to the Parish Development Model at Wadelai Sub County headquarters presided by Minister Kwiocwiny Freedom the state minister for Northern Uganda along with the district and sub-county leaders.

Photo 2: Hon Minister Kwiocwiny Grace Freedom address the crowd in Wadelai on Thursday during the Barraza .she promised to channel the challenges to the cabinet for redress.

Avur Jane Pacutho the woman member of parliament in Pakwach district concurred with the farmers' concerns adding that: the creation of water way for cattle to feed the irrigation scheme has been done to date but work is already progressing and the farmers are benefiting but these need to be done along rearing of animals so that they fetch enough money and transform them economically”    

However, Berna Awori the Wadelai irrigation project focal person acknowledge the gap and raised the matter with contractors who have committed to integrating the construction of a parkway for both human beings and a waterway for the cattle as soon as possible.

She added that plans of tarmacking the 1 km Ora Bridge on both sides are also under consideration as per the specification and design of the project.

Wadelai irrigation scheme project under the farm income enhancement and forestry conservation project funded by the African Development Bank, the Nordic Development Fund and the government of Uganda to improve household incomes through large-scale irrigation farming.

A farmer walking through ready to harvest rice farm in Wadelai irrigation scheme in Pakwach district. Such farmers want the government to hasten the connection of electricity in the area for value addition.

The majority of the farmers are reaping immensely from the project during this harvest season exerting pressure on the government to connect electricity for value additions 

Minister Kwiocwiny Freedom reiterates that the government is committed to ensuring the local person move from abject poverty by embracing such ventures

Kwiocwiny promised to table the concerns descending and peddling the farmers in the attainment of wealth through commercial agriculture to the office of the prime minister and later follow up with the cabinet.

Another pertinent issue raised by the community is the shamble in the health sector decrying inadequate essential medicines in both Health Centers, and the lack of delivery beds for disabled mothers at the sub-county health centres.

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