Bishop urges students to desist from Alcoholism
By Kaweesa Hope
July 6th, 2023

The Bishop Of Nebbi Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev Raphael P'Mony Wokorach, Has Called Upon Students In Nebbi Diocese To Desist From Alcoholism Which Is Detrimental To Academic Performance In Schools.

The Bishop of Nebbi Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev Raphael P'Mony Wokorach, has called upon students in Nebbi Diocese to desist from alcoholism which is detrimental to academic performance in schools.

He made this remark whilst addressing students of St Augustine secondary school Paidha during his pastoral visit at the school situated in Paidha town council Zombo district on July 6th.

He equally blamed the poor performance of most students on to abuse of drugs that he said: "leads them to night Discos which weakens the learning capacities of learners." 

Alcoholism is a song in a dance amongst many students in the district.

A recent study by LICO Uganda, a non-governmental organization in the Zombo district indicated that over 60% of youth in the district hardly read and write.

However, stakeholders believe the issue of night discos, drug abuse and alcoholism among learners is more of a moral act notwithstanding.

Zombo district has started the process of its education ordinance that many leaders hope will address some challenges that are setbacks to education in the area.

The Bishop ended his pastoral visit by confirming 58 Students of St Augustine secondary school Paidha.

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