Bugiri, Busia & Namayingo residents seek Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba's return to elective politics
By Mugonza Andrew
September 5th, 2023

This Is Lumumba's Journey, From An Education Officer To A Seasoned Politician.

Born On 22 November 1972, Lumumba Attended St. Anthony Secondary School In Nkonkonjeru For O'level And St Joseph's Secondary School Naggalama For Her Advanced Level. She Was Later Admitted To Makerere University For Her Undergraduate Degree.

In July 1997, New Districts Were Created, And Lumumba Who Was Fresh From University Was Given A Job As An Education Officer. It Was Odd Because You Cannot Leave School And Inspect Schools, But She Took On This Responsibility Despite Having To Supervise People Many Times Her Senior. This Greatly Nurtured Her Into The Great Politician She Has Become Over Time.

Born on 22 November 1972, Lumumba attended St. Anthony Secondary School in Nkonkonjeru for O'level and St Joseph's Secondary School Naggalama for her Advanced Level. She was later admitted to Makerere University for her undergraduate degree.

In July 1997, new districts were created, and Lumumba who was fresh from university was given a job as an education officer. It was odd because you cannot leave school and inspect schools, but she took on this responsibility despite having to supervise people many times her senior. This greatly nurtured her into the great politician she has become over time.

Lumumba has always said she had feared politics all her life because in the 1980s when DP lost the elections to UPC, her father, a staunch DP supporter and chairperson of the party in the region, suffered a lot. Many DP supporters including Lumumba's father lost property to the then-unruly UPC and this gave her a negative perspective on politics.

But her stint as an education officer opened the gates for the then naive would-be politician.

As an education officer, Lumumba used to ride a motorcycle during her supervisory duties throughout the entire district, this endeared her to many people. They were shocked that an education officer would ride a motorcycle, a feat earlier viewed as a male preserve.

After four years of riding a motorcycle, Lumumba joined politics in 2001 - sealing the journey of a humble Catholic girl whose first trip to Kampala was when she came to pick up her admission letter from Makerere University in 1993.

Lumumba's journey to the top hasn't been an easy one, but the jovial and calm politician has seen God's grace. As a strongly grounded catholic Rt Hon Lumumba thought her life journey would end in convent as a catholic nun.

Lumumba served as a Woman Member of Parliament from 2001 -2016. During that period she served as a parliamentary commissioner, state minister and later government chief whip. Later in 2014, she left elective politics after being appointed Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Movement a position she held until 2021 after winning 2 consecutive general elections. She now serves as a minister in the office of the prime minister.

She is an ex officio member of parliament but locals in Bugiri, Namayingo, and Busia are all wowing her to return and represent them in parliament. She is still however undecided on whether to return to elective politics or not. Please note that she remains a very respected leader and icon among locals in Bugiri, Busia and Namayingo. She is also best suited to contest in any of the three districts.

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