Zombo Authorities Launch Crack Down On Lunatics
By Mike Rwothomio
June 20th, 2023

By Mike Rwothomio

Many Lunatics in Paidha town council Zombo district have been paraded to Paidha central police station for extensive vetting.#WhisperEyeNews

Police say the Monday 19 operation was aimed at weeding out some lunatics with ill-intentioned motives.

There has been a reported hike in cases of robbery, petty thefts, and body injuries caused by some lunatics whose numbers keep on shooting up daily in the area.

One of the major reasons that sources at the Zombo police department sighted is insecurity that is oche started by some of these  Lunatics most of whom have false colours.

Sadiki Juvono, a resident of Alengukuma cell central ward of Paidha town council believe most lunatics in the area turn into robbers at night.

He called upon the Police to make the operation more extensive.

"Most of these people are not lunatics. They are looking for survival and to make it worse, some of them are real thieves", Juvono who operates a kiosk said before applauding the police for their action.

Recently, a prominent vendor at Paidha central market in Zombo district was pounced on and badly injured by a female lunatic who had camped in the market for months.

Many Lunatics are camped in Paidha central market where they find easy access to foodstuffs.

Lilian Omikuru, a market vendor at Paidha Central is happy about the operation that she appealed to Authorities should be heightened at the market.

She added that there should be a regulation that bars all lunatics from accessing the market that she notes is scaring away many customers for them.

"A lunatic called Nyamungu almost killed one of us here, we commend the police for this operation but let them come and arrest these ones in the market that are scaring customers for us. We call for stricter laws to regulate their movements within this market" Omikuru told the whispereye news.

A market vendor in Paidha town called Zulaika Atimango said the lunatics turn chaotic especially when they are denied food and become more abusive.

"We are totally tired of these lunatics. Many are here in the market and should you deny them food when they ask, they either beat or insult you which is scaring many of us most of whom are powerless women. Let them arrest them all and take them elsewhere", Zulaika said 

Recently, there has been an uptick in the lunatics population in Paidha town council most of who are between the age of 14 and 18. The cases have been majorly attributed to the high consumption rate of common substances like aeroplane oil, petrol syphoning, marijuana, and uncontrollable alcohol consumption amongst other factors.

Leaders say many of them come from the villages to the town to get easy access to food.

However, it still remains unclear how the authorities are going to cast their dice on real and unreal lunatics who by press time we're at Paidha Central police station.

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