Maid steals baby over unpaid wages
By Mike Rwothomio
July 6th, 2023

A maid identified as Harriet Adong is being held at Awei Police Post in Alebtong District on an allegation of stealing a 2-year-old baby from Arua City. #WhisperEyeNews

The baby was stolen on 3.4.2023 and is currently being taken care of by the GISO of Abako Sub_county Alebtong District.

The search for the parents is still ongoing police say.

The suspect Harriet Adong aged 23, A langi by the tribe is a resident of Akokoro B village, Acheda Parish Awei Sub_county Alebtong District.

She was working as a maid in a residence near Arua Main Market in Arua city.

Upon interrogation, she told officers that she stole the baby on the claim that she was not paid her wages for nearly two years.

" There was a lady by the name Adong Harriet suspected to have stolen a kid by the name Auma Irene between 1_2 years old from Arua city next to the main Arua City main market. She alleged that she stole the baby because she was not paid wages for 1_2 year", North Kyoga Regional Police Spokesperson David Ongom Mudong said in a statement.

The Parents of the child were identified as Lubangakene Joel and Janet Nakum who are residing near Arua Main Market in Arua city.

The case is under SD REF',04/06/07/23.

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