Police arrest man who attempted to commit suicide over love reject
By Nankya G
August 3rd, 2023

The Police Spokesperson Has Confirmed That The Suspect Will Be Arraigned Before The Courts Of Law. #WhisperEyeNews

The Territorial Police In KMP North And Nansana Division, Arrested Mr Kasirye Faizo, A 26-Year-Old, Bricklayer Of Kazinga – Nsumbi, For Attempted Suicide By Burning, After He Was Rejected By A Married Woman Of 3 Children.

The police spokesperson has confirmed that the suspect will be arraigned before the courts of law. #WhisperEyeNews

The Territorial Police in KMP North and Nansana Division, arrested Mr Kasirye Faizo, a 26-year-old, bricklayer of Kazinga – Nsumbi, for attempted suicide by burning, after he was rejected by a married woman of 3 children.

The Police Spokesperson SCP Fred Enaga said He will be arraigned in court as soon as he is discharged from the hospital.

"The facts gathered indicate that,, Kasirye Faizo, has been stalking, Namakula Nally Deborah, for several years, with the full knowledge that she is a marked woman to Ssenabulya Michael", Police's mouthpiece, Enaga said in a written statement on August 1st 2023.

Enaga added: " On the 23.07.2023 at around 11pm, his advances were again rejected by the victim, who was in the company of her two friends, at the meeting point bar, Kamukamu for a music show"

Enaga further added that, After the show, the woman victim boarded a boda boda at around 2 pm and returned to her home".

He further stated: "Surprisingly the following day of 24.07.2023, residents found that Kasirye Fazio, had poured paraffin and set himself on fire. He wanted to kill himself because Namakula Nally, a married woman had rejected his love".

"The whole body got burnt and the body skin fully peeled off. The male victim was rescued by Kyebando police and rushed to Mulago hospital", he said.

SCP Enaga condemned the act discouraging such acts where persons commit or attempt to commit suicide, over a love rejection or recent breakup.

"Emotions can be tough to take when you are feeling lonely. Its better to recognise that one’s life is precious and more worth than any relationship. You can, therefore, help yourself by taking control of your emotions and finding ways to heal"., Enaga further appealed.

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