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Exclusive Story: Tribalism and Witch Hunt take centre stage at URSB, one region is under attack

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Exclusive story: Tribalism and Witch Hunt take centre stage at URSB one region is under attack. Whisper Eye Reports

The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) is facing a serious vice of tribalism that is affecting decision making within the Bureau.

Workers are complaining and others are forced to resign from their work before the trial committee hunt them.

Assessing Anthropogenic Climate Change across Sub-Saharan Africa

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Development within Contemporary Ecological Constraints:

Assessing Anthropogenic Climate Change across Sub-Saharan Africa

By Obedgiu Samuel


Anthropogenic climate change represents a multidimensional challenge that both industrialized and non-industrialized countries must address during the twenty-first century.  Anthropogenic climate change results in increased incidences of extreme weather events such as storms, floods, and heatwaves (Taylor 2018, 351).  High levels of greenhouse gas emissions produced from industrial and consumptive activities warm the global average atmospheric temperature and alter hydro-climatic patterns (Taylor 2018, 351).  Developing countries are especially susceptible to climate change impacts due to limited resources, capacity, and infrastructure (Taylor 2018, 351).  Developing countries, moreover, remain economically dependent on subsistence agriculture.  Climatic variability particularly influences rainfed agriculture.

Museveni congratulates Ugandans on new cities, promises more

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Museveni congratulates Ugandans on new cities, promises more. Whisper Eye Reports.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has congratulated Ugandans upon the elevation of seven municipalities to city status.

Yesterday city Mayors in the seven new cities; Jinja, Arua, Gulu, Masaka, Fort Portal, Mbarara and Mbale took oath.

URA boss bites again 211 custom workers reshuffled

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URA boss bites again 211 custom workers reshuffled. Whisper Eye Reports

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has reshuffled over 200 officers working in the Customs Department across the country, in the ongoing clearance of the authority.

Commissioner Customs Abel Kagumire made the announcement in a memo copied to the Commissioner General John Rujooki on Monday, June 29.

Mpigi based Chinese plywood factory burns to ashes, property worth billions destroyed

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Mpigi based Chinese plywood factory burns to ashes, property worth billions destroyed. Whisper Eye Reports

A Chinese plywood factory, Sino Plywood Ltd has burnt into ashes destroying property worthy millions and millions of money.

The factory is located at Jjeza, Muduuma Sub County in Mpigi district along Mityana road.

According to an Eye witness, that at first they thought that there are workers who were burning waste.

Parliament, kindly help us investigate Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and it’s officials

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By Obedgiu Samuel

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is a semi autonomous body that was established in 1996, by the CMA Act, Cap 84. The Authority is responsible for promoting, developing, and regulating the Capital Markets Authority in Uganda, with the overall objectives of Investors protection and market efficiency.

The Authority reports and accounts to the Government through the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development.

Minister Evelyn Anite wants Children engaged in Anti-Covid 19 campaign

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By Whisper Eye Reporter

Minister Anite wants children engaged in Anti-Covid 19 campaign. Whisper Eye Reports

Earlier today 19th June 2020, Uganda State Minister for Investment and privatisation Hon Evelyn Anite was talking to children on how COVID 19 can spread and how it can be prevented .

She received Tahia Buyinza Mulisa and Sumayiyah Buyinza in her high end office at the Ministry of Finance,Planning and Economic Development.

Anite 35, is vigorous in promoting responsible Investment in Uganda and fighting Coronavirus prevalence in the business community.

I can’t breathe! racial discrimination in corporate companies in Uganda – Mbayo Richard

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I can’t breathe, racial discrimination in corporate companies in Uganda

Is there hope for JUSTICE & EQUALITY for mankind after decades of colonialism, neocolonialism and all other forms of inequalities and biases? The hashtag “I can’t breathe” has gained popularity since the killing of George Floyd on 25th May,2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota US. However, this historic event should not be lost but rather act as a turning point in fighting against injustice across the globe.

Activism should inform policies, laws and their implementation for the betterment of mankind.

Overview Of Uganda’s Proposed Tax Amendments For Financial Year 2020/21

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By Obedgiu Samuel

The Tax Amendment Bills 2020 have been tabled to Parliament by the Hon. Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and are to be discussed. These include:

The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill,

The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill,

The Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill,

and Stamps Duty (Amendment) Bill.

The amendments originated from president MUSEVENI, who under the law is under principle minister of finance. The minister only works on delegated authority

Exclusive: URSB director Fiona Bayiga sacked for under performance

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Exclusive: URSB Director Fiona Bayiga has been sacked for under performance. Whisper Eye Reports.

Whisper Eye has learnt that Uganda Registration Service Bureau (URSB) Director of Business Registration Ms Fiona Bayiga has been sacked.

A trusted reliable source has intimated to Whisper Eye that Ms Bayiga has been sacked by Bemanya Twebaze, the Registrar General of URSB on allegations of under performance and expiry of her contract.