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Buganda and the president – Fr Musaala

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The president’s vapid assertions that Buganda was ‘tribally motivated’ during the recent elections are rather pitiful and dangerous.

Pitiful because they show how rapidly a clever politician becomes desperate when his party fails, albeit in just one region of the country.

Dangerous, because his warped thinking has a darker, vengeful side to it.

The truth is that the NRM lost the elections in Buganda because of corruption,unequal distribution of wealth, endless brutalities on citizens, and the regime’s own tribalism.

The unseated Baganda ministers (all twenty seven) belonged to the ruling party which had become a ‘tribe’ in itself, serving its own interests.

Now these unfortunate Museveni cohorts havre become sacrificial victims deposed by NUP who comprise notably Baganda and non-Baganda in the central region.

So the president’s remarks are illogical but have provoked defensive reactions from different quarters in Buganda, even from the Katikkiro.

This reaction helps Museveni to gauge and ‘reset’ the Baganda, whose political leanings are sometimes unclear, and will also help him to tease out who is friend and who is foe in Buganda, after this ballot debacle.

His ‘tribal’ assertions, if believed, also help to recreate an old suspicion, that the Baganda either want to opt out of Uganda, or recapture the political heights.

If so, then his fulminations are a kind of ‘reverse psychology’, a diversion from the obvious ethnic biases in his own dysfunctional government, as he plants his ‘anti- buganda’ weed-seed into the national psyche.

Playing the anti-baganda card however, is nothing new in Uganda’s politics.

Obote did it in the years after indpendence.

It helped him to justify the abrogation of Uganda’s first constitution, which abolished the kingdoms, including the kingdom of Buganda.

Obote’s notorious saying: ‘A good Muganda is a dead one’ struck a chord with some non-Baganda who had been ruled by Baganda chiefs, who became agents of the British during the colonial era.

However, Obote’s anti-Baganda attitude sealed his fate among the Baganda, who massively supported Amin’s coup when it came, even though Obote’s government, like Museveni’s, had acheived some notable strides in development.

Museveni, to avoid a repeat of this, needs to reign in his uncontrolled ‘messiah complex’ – a delusional need to ‘save’ Uganda, when it needs saving from Musevenism.

These new calumnies against the Baganda, are a strategic attack on the NUP.

As the NUP gains national strength, the nonsensical tribal allegations by Mr Museveni will simply evaporate, and he will have to try a better ploy

Of course, as always we wish our president success.

A New Ugandan

Political Violence: Unknown people burn down NRM branded car in Nebbi

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Unknown people burn down NRM branded car in Nebbi. Whisper Eye News.

Panic in Nebbi after unknown people burn down National Resistance Movement (NRM) branded car just a couple days after presidential elections.

Reliable source informed Whisper Eye news that Mr Okwir Moses the owner of the burnt pick-up was attacked by unknown people.

Candidates, Voters in Entebbe Ignore COVID-19 SOPs on Last Day of Campaigns

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Candidates vying for the municipality mayoral and councillor seats in Entebbe struggled to control crowds on the last day of campaigns.

In November, the Electoral Commission banned campaign rallies and asked the candidates to only meet gatherings of less than 200 people as a way to combat the spread of coronavirus disease.

On Saturday, as candidates conducted the final lap of the campaigns, some of them struggled to control the crowds and eventually addressed more than 200 people. These include Michael Kabwama Mutebi Nyamayalwo, the NRM candidate and Olive Nassuna of National Unity Platform candidate in the Entebbe Municipality mayoral race.

Policeman arrested for shooting civilian Dead in Mukono

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The police in Mukono District have arrested their own who shot dead a civilian and injured two of his colleagues.

The deceased is identified as Rajab Nsejje, 23, a resident of Kabembe town in Kyampisi sub-county, Mukono district. The injured officers are Special Police Constables (SPC), Jimmy Osubo and Moses Mubiru. 

The incident happened on Friday at around 9:00 pm in Kabembe trading center along the Mukono-Kayunga road.

Polling Assistants in Kampala Protest Missing on Payment List

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Several polling assistants in Kampala are protesting the exclusion of their names on the Electoral Commission payment lists despite doing work in last week’s elections. Among the 502 polling assistants recruited to work in the 2021 general elections for Kampala central division, only 113 are on the list.

The polling assistants worked during the presidential, parliamentary elections and district local government elections, some without contracts and have not been paid.

UG Polls: Two NUP Candidates Will Be Voted While in Jail

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Two National Unity Platform-NUP party candidates contesting for division councilors in Kampala will not vote in Monday’s local government council elections. 

The candidates are Muhammad Nsubuga who is contesting as a divisional councilor to represent Makerere IlI parish at Kawempe Division and Jamirah Namwanje contesting for the Councillor in Bwaise II. They were arrested in Kalangala district in December last year on the campaign trail with former NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi. 

2021 polls: Rubaga Mayor NUP candidate Mberaze Mawula leading with 65% as DP’s Angella Kigonya tails with 20%

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2021 polls: Rubaga division mayor NUP candidate Mberaze Mawula leading with 65% as DP’s Angella Kigonya tails with 20%

Bobi Wine’s royal supporter Mberaze Zacchy Mawula popularly known as Ttaata Namuli is leading in Rubaga division mayoral race with 65% according to opinion polls conducted in Rubaga Division.

Family Demands Answers Over Death of Gulu EC Staff

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The family of the Electoral Commission staff who was found dead are demanding answers.

Robinson Tabu who was the Electoral Commission Secretary for Gulu City disappeared on the January 8 after he had gone to buy food.  Tabu’s body was seven days later discovered in a forest reserve in Laroo Pece division in Gulu City. A post-mortem report indicated that he succumbed to poison.

He was laid to rest at his ancestral home in Lakwele Okato Village in Pudo parish, Mucwini Sub County in Kitgum district on Saturday.  

Court Orders Vote Recount For Dodoth East Constituency

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The Kotido Chief Magistrate has ordered the Electoral Commission to recount the votes from Dodoth East County. The order follows a petition filed by the incumbent MP Samson Lokeris, who lost to Emmanuel Komol.

On Monday, Lokeris through his lawyers Alaka and Co. Advocates filed a petition against the Electoral commission seeking an inspection, and recount of ballot papers cast in the seven sub-counties. They include Lobongia, Kaabong town council, Lodiko, Loyoro, Kakamar, Kaabong West, and Lolelia.

Just In: Two Congolese soldiers arrested for abducting 33 Uganda fishermen

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Two Congolese soldiers have been arrested for allegedly abducting 33 Ugandan fishermen at Dei near Panyimur landing site in Pakwach district. The incident occurred on Friday as the fishermen carried out their routine fishing on Lake Albert near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo-DRC.

 According to reports, the armed Congolese soldiers carried an impromptu raid on the fishermen at around 9 pm accusing them of encroaching on the Congolese side. They arrested the fishermen and took away their gears to Congo.

Sad: Owobusobozi Bisaka’s death finally confirmed

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The Family of Desteo Owobusobozi Bisaka and members of the Faith of Unity have finally confirmed his death. 

Bisaka’s death was publicly confirmed on Saturday evening by the family members through the Head of communications in the faith of unity, Omukwenda Turyamureba. 

“Abeeka Ya Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka N’orukurato oruhabuzi orwenyikiriza y’obumu aba faith of Unity Healing City-Kapyeemi Uganda-Africa nibamanyisa abaikiriza obumu boona,abakuru ba Gafumenti hamu nabantu boona abali hanu omu Ugandan  hamu n’omunsi yoona,Okurugwaho kwobwomeezi gwa Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka Ayahangireho Enyikiriza y’obumu ey’abantu boona.Entekanizia ezindi zoona Zirasangwa Nibamanyisibwa,”read the statement.

Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa Laid to Rest

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Hundreds of mourners converged at Bukalasa Minor Seminary grounds in Villa Maria Parish, Kalungu district for the special requiem mass of the departed Catholic Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa. 

Bishop Kaggwa, the Emeritus of Masaka Diocese died on Tuesday at the National Referral Hospital Mulago-Kampala, where he was admitted in December last year.

Herbalists Submit 40 Traditional Remedies for Covid-19 to Gulu University Lab

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Herbalists in Acoli Sub region have submitted 40 potential herbal remedies for Covid-19 to Gulu University Pharm-Bio Technology Traditional Medicine Center (Pharmbiotrac) of Excellence, for testing.  

Dr. Alice Veronica Lamwaka a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Bio-Technology and Pharmaceutical Studies, also the center head at Pharmbiotec told URN in an interview on Friday that the herbs were not taken at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Center, NCRI, for studying and analysis, because Gulu University has a well-equipped laboratory to do the testing and analysis of the herbs.