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The writing is on the wall for the captive lion breeding industry

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Today at a stakeholder’s feedback meeting in Pretoria, Minister Creecy of the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) took crucial and long-awaited steps towards changing the status quo of the commercial captive lion breeding industry in South Africa.

Minister Barbara Creecy announced that South Africa will no longer breed captive lions, keep lions in captivity, or use captive lions or their derivatives commercially. She has instructed her Department to put processes in place to halt the sale of captive lion derivatives (including the appropriate disposal of existing lion bone stockpiles and lion bone from euthanised lions); the hunting of captive bred lions; tourist interactions with captive lions (including, so-called voluntourism, cub petting, etc). (p. 329 HLP report).

UWA Boss Cleared of Murdering Apaa Truck Driver

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The UPDF Fourth Division Court Martial has dropped the charges against Tony Malinga, the Manager of East Madi Wildlife Reserve, who was facing prosecution over the murder of a truck driver in Apaa Trading Center.

Vincent Opiyo, was shot dead from Layima Junction, Apaa Trading Center in Adjumani District on November 13th 2020 during a scuffle between him and a joint team of UPDF and Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers.

Malinga was charged with conspiracy to commit murder before the fourth Division Court Martial on December 17th. Other co –accused were Private Morris Opiyo Taban and Lance Corporal Lovis Okello who were accused of murder and malicious damage respectively.

Stray lion scares residents in Pader district

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Residents of Laguti and Atanga Sub Counties in Pader district are living in fear following an invasion by a stray lion in their area.

The Laguti Sub County LCIII Chairperson Christopher Mwaka Odokonyero says the stray animal was spotted on Wednesday evening in the Lanyadyang streams bordering Kitgum and Pader districts.

It is reported that residents who were digging in their gardens later saw the stray animal in Obolokome and Langur villages which prompted them to beat drums, saucepans and jerrycans in a bid to scare it.

The stray lion is believed to have escaped from the Kidepo Valley National Game Park in Karenga district and was following the banks of river Pager and its tributaries that flow through Karenga, Kitgum, and Pader districts.

According to Mwaka, on Thursday, farmers from Tumalyec village saw its footprints along the banks of river Ajan as it is presumed to have headed towards the villages of Acamoling, Onin, and Amilobo in Paibwor parish and Atanga Trading centre.

Mwaka says the presence of the lion in the area has caused panic among residents who believe stray animal might eat their domestic animals. He said people are also fearing to go to gardens for fear of being attacked by wild animals.

The Kidepo Valley National Park Conservation manager Samuel Amanya says they have not received any reports in regards to the stray animal but promised that they will trap the animal and drive it back to its habitat. 

Amanya also called on residents to remain vigilant and avoid scaring the stray animal or being tempted to hunt it as a measure of averting any possible reiteration attack on humans.  

Suspects who killed 6 Lions transferred to CID

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Three suspects who were arrested for allegedly killing six lions in Queen Elizabeth national park have been transferred to Kibuli Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters in Kampala.

The suspects are Vincent Tumuheirwe aged 48, David Miryango,68 all residents of Tukundane Village and Robert Ariho,40, a resident of Kazinga lower village in Rusoroza parish, Kihihi sub-county, Kanungu district. The lions were found dead on Friday in Ishasha sector, Kihihi sub-county, Kanungu district.

Sad: Six Lions found dead in Queen Elizabeth national park

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Six lions have been found dead in Ishasha Sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kihihi sub-county, Kanungu district.

According to a Statement from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), carcasses of the lions were discovered in the national park on Friday evening by game rangers who were on patrol.  The statement also indicates that some body parts of the lions were found missing.

Hangi Bashil, the UWA Public Relations Officer said on Saturday that, also eight carcasses of vultures were found lying near dead bodies of the lions.  According to Hangi, UWA suspects that the lions could have died as a result of poisoning since vultures that fed on carcasses also died.