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Simi Registers Good Phone Sales on Local Market

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simi phoneSimi Technologies, the manufacturer of Uganda’s first mobile phones, says it has recorded high sales during the first year of its operations compared to their project. Simi technologies has been in business for 13 months following its launch late in 2019.  

David Beecham Okwere, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Simi Technologies, says that the company has managed to sell 400, 000 pieces of mobile phones since it started operations in November 2019. The company makes both feature and smartphones models, sold locally and internationally.

Breakdown: TECH Facebook suffers outage, affects Whatsapp Instagram too

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Facebook on Friday experienced an outage that interrupted its social network, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp services.

The company did not immediately say what was causing the service disruption or how many users were affected. The issues began around 1:30 p.m. Eastern.

Two Lawyers Sue Gov’t over Failure to Constitute UCC Tribunal

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Two lawyers have sued the government for failing to constitute a tribunal to resolve disputes at the Uganda Communications Commission.  The two, Gloria Linda Nagami and Arthur Junior Nsereko have filed their case before the Civil Division of High Court in Kampala.

They argue that the Uganda Communications Act provides for a Tribunal after one year from the date on which the Act is published in the gazette. The UCC Act was published in the Gazette on January 18 2013, meaning that the Tribunal should have come into force on January 18 2014.

Uganda Airlines Gets Dubai, London Slots But Airbuses Remain Grounded

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Uganda Airlines has secured slots for departures and landing at London Heathrow Airport and Dubai International Airport as it prepares for commencement of long haul flights to the UK, United Arab Emirates and China.This comes after the airline received its two Airbus A330-800Neo air crafts in December 2020 and last month. 

Roger Wamala, the Uganda Airlines Commercial Director says the two aircrafts, code named Mt Elgon and Mt. Rwenzori,  will however remain grounded because the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority-UCAA has not yet cleared them to fly. UCAA is expected to clear the planes at the end of April.

Bundibugyo Power Distribution Company Loses Contract Over Mismanagement, Debts

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Bundibugyo Energy Cooperative Society-BECS, the largest power distribution company in Bundibugyo district is in trouble for alleged gross mismanagement and incompetence. 

Electricity Regulatory authority (ERA) has suspended its operations and authorized Uganda Energy Distribution Company limited–UEDCL to take over power distribution in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts.  

ERA licensed the cooperative in 2011 to managed and distribute electricity in Bundibugyo and Ntoroko districts.   The company also extends power distribution to some parts of Fort Portal.   

Global One Logistics: Top Clearing Company in Uganda With Competitive Skills

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By Whisper Business

Global One Logistics: Top Clearing Company in Uganda With Competitive Skills.

Looking for a clearing and forwarding company in Uganda?  

Then you are at the right place! Global One Logistics, which is based in  Kampala, Uganda understands your Business or Personal needs when it comes to the importation or exportation of cargo.

Why Ugandans Are Still Using VPN Despite Restored Access to Social Media

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Several Ugandans have continued to use the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), since the government blocked access to the internet on January 13th before partly restoring it on January 18th.

On easing the conditions, mobile internet was still highly restricted and the use of VPNs came in handy for many Ugandans. 

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a distinct group of computers networked over the internet.  Businesses essentially use VPNs to connect with their data centers in areas far away from the centre, according to CountryVPN.Com.

Big Story: Security Council Ordered UCC to Shutdown Internet on Eve of Presidential Election

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The National Security Council ordered the suspension of internet access services a day before the Presidential and Parliamentary elections citing national security reasons.

This according to the affidavit of Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo, the Executive Director Uganda Communications Commission -UCC in support of the Attorney General’s answer to the presidential election petition.

Sewamkambo, is among the 76 witnesses whose affidavits have been filed in the Supreme Court as evidence from the Attorney General.

Facebook Engaging Ugandan Gov’t on Shutdown

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Technology giants Facebook have said that they are actively engaging with the Government of Uganda over the Facebook shutdown in the country that has lasted for now month.      

Government blocked Facebook last month after it reportedly pulled down accounts of pro-National Resistance Movement users.

In a report released on Tuesday this week, Facebook indicated that it had pulled down 220 Facebook accounts, 32 Facebook pages, 59 groups, and 139 Instagram accounts in Uganda who violated their policy.        

Gov’t restores Social Media as Facebook remains blocked

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The government has maintained a shutdown on Facebook, despite opening all other social media platforms, a month after they were frozen. The government blocked Facebook after the microblogging site pulled down accounts of pro-National Resistance Movement users.

During the same time, the government blocked all other social media sites, among them, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and WhatsApp.  All Ugandans who wanted to connect to the networks connected to virtual protection networks, also known as VPN.  

Uganda shuts down Facebook, Whatsapp ahead of the crucial election on 14th Jan

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A number of social media sites have been blocked ahead of the general election on Thursday, January, 14. Ugandans will go to the polls to elect a president and Members of Parliament.

Many Ugandans are now unable to access Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or even connect to the Virtual Private Network-VPN, which initially bypassed government blockades and the Over the Top-OTT taxes.

For some people access to WhatsApp, and internet in general was problematic.   For close to two hours, several people especially using the Airtel lines attempted in vain to connect to Facebook while those with MTN stayed connected until later in the afternoon.

Bajjo, Ashburg Kato & motormouth Olaxes Ismah Facebook accounts deleted

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Bajjo, Ashburg Kato & motormouth Olaxes Ismah Facebook accounts deleted. Whisper Eye Reports

As Uganda heads to 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections, a new twist takes shape as the scientific elections has seen social media become the new political campaign tool.

NOWIP, a women’s group launches an online campaign platform

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NOWIP, a women’s group launches an online campaign platform. Whisper Eye Reports

The Network of Women in Politics ( NOWIP) in partnership with Uganda Media Women’s Association (UMWA) and the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) has launched an online platform named “Nowip Press” to promote the political affiliations of Women in Uganda.