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RIP: Counsel Kasango Bob – I wear my defence as a crown

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“I pleaded not guilty. When I testified in defence, I took the Bible on my right hand – the only right hand I have – and swore to tell the truth and asked God to help me and told God the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

“This is your court and you are the judge, your word is law, mine an opinion,” said Kasango.

Wowed into Salvation by Luwum; 114-Year-Old Recounts Journey

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Norah Langa,  now aged 113, owes her salvation to the late Janan Luwum, the former Archbishop of the Church of Uganda. She believes that her salvation journey wouldn’t have been possible if their paths had not crossed.  

Langa, a resident of Lamit Kapim Cell in Pager Division, Kitgum District and believed to be the oldest person alive in Acholi sub-region was born into a Pagan family around 1907. She turned to Christianity in 1948 and now recounts how hesitant she was to follow Christianity until a young Janan Luwum wowed her with the Gospel.

Big Tale: Ashraf Kasirye (Ghetto Tv) Lives to Tell his Story, Recalls Moments Before Shooting

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The morning of December 27, 2021, was like any other daybreak for Ashiraf Saif-Allah Kasirye, a reporter working with and for Ghetto Media, an online, TV affiliated with the National Unity Platform former presidential candidate, Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert. 

By December 27, Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had spent 47 days traversing the breadth and width of this country convincing Ugandans that he was the best candidate to end Yoweri Museveni’s 35-year grip on power as president of Uganda. 

Herbalists Submit 40 Traditional Remedies for Covid-19 to Gulu University Lab

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Herbalists in Acoli Sub region have submitted 40 potential herbal remedies for Covid-19 to Gulu University Pharm-Bio Technology Traditional Medicine Center (Pharmbiotrac) of Excellence, for testing.  

Dr. Alice Veronica Lamwaka a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Bio-Technology and Pharmaceutical Studies, also the center head at Pharmbiotec told URN in an interview on Friday that the herbs were not taken at the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Center, NCRI, for studying and analysis, because Gulu University has a well-equipped laboratory to do the testing and analysis of the herbs.   

If Malawi did it, Uganda will did it, Dr Kiyingi assures Ugandans

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If Malawi did it, Uganda will did it, Dr kiyingi assures Ugandans . Whisper Eye Updates

Uganda Federal Democratic Organisation (UFDO) chairman Dr Aggrey Kiyingi assures Ugandans about changing government.

Ugandan Cardiologist has sent a congratulatory message to his friend the newly elected presented of Malawi.

Six African countries have embraced Pan African Think Tank , says US pop star Nichole

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Six African countries have embraced Pan African Think Tank

Six African countries are to work with Pan African Think Tank to create unity, youth unemployment and change lives a cross boarders.

Christine Nichole, the founder of Pan African Think Tank told Whisper Eye how young people across the Continent have welcomed the organisation.

Change your mindset and exploit opportunities , Pan African Think Tank founder tells Uganda’s youths

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Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star tells Uganda’s youths.

Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star who doubles as the founder of Pan African Think Tank tells Uganda’s youths.Whisper Eye Reports.

Climate change: A major global threat

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Climate change: A major global threat

The climate change, that is, the change of the global climate and in particular the changes in meteorological conditions that extend on a large time scale, is a major global existential threat.

The greenhouse effect causes the increase of temperature of the planet primarily due to the tremendous increase in carbon dioxide, which has increased by 35% since the beginning of the industrial revolution. And of course the lion’s share in pollution of the atmosphere with 50% of all carbon dioxide have Europe and North America.

DP is hijacked by some Individuals, says DP youth councilor

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DP is hijacked by some Individuals, says DP youth councilor

Masaka based Democratic Party (DP) division youth councillor Kasekende Ronald stings DP leaders for failed leadership.

‘Fellow Democrats,
as am here taking my red wine not because am happy but to try to cover up the shame in my eyes as I see our mighty party DP being turned into its grave by individuals who hijacked it without true Democratic ways as known in our party constitution but by using ghost delegates from Arua park,’ says Mr Kasekende.