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Cancer Awareness our Individual Obligation

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This month of October is put aside as the cancer awareness month.

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We welcome this month with individual involvement in preaching the message of hope to the fighters but even most importantly to spread the gospel of deterrence on how we can eradicate this deadly disease out of our country and the world at large.

This article aims at nothing less than this! The inception of the solution is the identification of the root cause. Tobacco has been identified to cause the death of about 22% of cancer deaths. Similarly, nutritional challenges have rampantly been a causative factor to many of our people. Ignorance of the need for screening and inaccessibility of screening centers most especially in rural areas can account for the rising numbers of breast cancer.

It then becomes justifiably important for the need to inform society on the preventative mechanisms that can be taken to kick cancer out of society. Our individual efforts barked up with the vehement efforts of non-government organizations in influencing policy formation for example on tobacco usage that target such identifiable causes of cancer.

“You cannot uproot the NRA occupation system without a violent front.” Rwomushana

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“You cannot uproot the NRA occupation system without a violent front.” Rwomushana.

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Political analyst and former Security operative Mr Charles Rwomushana while appearing on one of the political talk shows yesterday said that it is not possible for the opposition to uproot the Museveni system without a violent front because Museveni’s strength is the military.

9th October Comes With Pride Upon Which Our Nation is Built.

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This day has a direct bearing on what we reap from the fortune of enjoyment of peace, development & prosperity. We embrace independence with acclaim: in the earnest hope that in the pursuit of our much desired destiny, we are beholden to the future generations who are the true owners.

AKAMPA Tanbull: Our niche at DubaiExpo remains agriculture & tourism, not Robot Technology

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AKAMPA Tanbull: Our niche at DubaiExpo remains agriculture & tourism, not Robot Technology.

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Well, a month or so ago, the President of Uganda, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives, and other agencies to organize and participate in the DubaiExpo2021.

Succession talk divisive, ill-intentioned – Odrek Rwabwogo

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Dear Friends and colleagues,
 I have seen some of my old media interview videos and images mischievously and callously re-edited and distributed in increasing proportion by some elements who I suppose are intent on creating a certain political posturing.

Museveni argument on bail short of detail and substantial merit – Denis Nyombi

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I have got a chance of reading today’s New vision (Sat Oct 2,2021).

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Specific of which the account of Mr. M7’s argument against bail application in capital offences. Page 3 story written by Tadde Bwambale.

The discussion about the Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Uganda is a diversion – Obedgiu Samuel

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The discussion about the Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Uganda is a diversion – Obedgiu Samuel.

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The Rights to bail, Rights to Fair hearing, etc, are entrenched rights and are not easy to manipulate or change anything about them, requires a referendum, it’s not like the Age limit or term limit sort of things. Even Mr Museveni knows this very well deep inside him.

AKAMPA Tanbull: Bad Black as brand ambassador Victoria University is the best business decision ever

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Well, new and tough times call for innovative, strategic new ways and tough decisions to influence brand visibility and viability especially for Institutions of higher learning.

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To beat the usual traditions of huge finances involved in mainstream media advertising, it is more visible to assign new digital media influencers as brand ambassadors. More people, more youth especially those who want to go to University are always glued on their phones, IPads, or laptops on digital media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, tweeter, Instagram, TikTok and others thus Victoria University thinking of appointing Bad black as a brand ambassador makes more marketing sense.

Aukus: Usa-Uk-Australia Partnership – Karderinis Isidoros

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Aukus: USA-UK-Australia Partnership – @isidoroskarderinis Karderinis Isidoros.

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The new AUKUS Partnership, the new geopolitical alliance of Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, to enhance security in the Indian and Pacific Oceans zone envisages the provision of the necessary technology by the United States and Great Britain to Australia be able to develop nuclear- powered submarines. This hasty move is clearly a change of strategy and policy in the wider region.

The govt should focus on building a sustainable economy through the young people – Obedgiu Samuel

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The govt should focus on building a sustainable economy through the young people – Obedgiu Samuel

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Its no doubt that the young people constitute over 75% of the Uganda’s population. For now, the contribution of the youths to development shouldn’t be much emphasised, however their contribution to the economic growth of Uganda largely depend on the opportunities given to them and the environment to serve.

Gen. Muhoozi blocking critics on twitter envisions a malignant future dictator – Kakwenza Rukirabashaija

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Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba the commander of land forces of the Uganda People’s Defense Forces,

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is undoubtedly a public figure regardless of whether he climbed to this position by merit or because of being the son to the commander in chief. So, his twitter account is an account of public interest since he uses it to conduct official and public business.

By virtue of the office he occupies, it is a sign of babyshness, cowardice, intolerance and lack of emotional intelligence to begin blocking the detractors who disagree with what he posts on his twitter account.

There will never be a Perfect Democracy Neither Will President Museveni hand over Power on Silver Platters – Akampa Tanbull

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Well, I have participated on different panels to discuss Civic space for youth, Governance and democracy in Uganda.

In most of these panels youth seem to be calling upon the old guards to give or create space.

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In my own view, I think this is next to impossible!
No body will ever give political space they are occupying currently to another person to come and take over just like that!, This is not a perfect democracy either.

The following sacrificed alot for Gen Museveni 2021 Win and they deserve alot

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Former Vice Chairman Kampala NRM youth Mr Buyinza Adam Luzindana has come out to throw big weight to the National Resistance Movement(NRM) for not recognising it’s mobilizes.

According to Buyinza a full list of NRM mobilisation groups have been tabled but nothing is yet to come.