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Letter: To Acholi MP to be: Why Uganda needs national reconciliation

Reading Time: 10 minutes

By Mwaka Lutukumoi



Dear Comrade Oryem Kissinger and upcoming leaders;

Grace and peace be with you from the Lord Almighty! You are a candidate for Acholi, but all candidates running in Uganda can pick a leave.

A fortnight ago you passionately wrote to me about your resolve to run for Parliament, Kitgum Municipality 2021.

You are moved by the silence you made over years, the silence good people like you make. Martin Luther King once said “In the end, we will listen not to the words of the enemies but the silence of friends. “and added, “our lives begin to end the moment we keep silent on things that matters”. Your resolve to run is a testament to the above. You are the Acholi friends, a tribe in a crossroad and generational/ leadership threat.

Ministry directive on wages in private schools is illegal – Isaac Ssemakadde

Reading Time: 5 minutes

On 18 May 2020 Mr Alex Kakooza, the ministry of education and sports permanent secretary, issued a directive for all directors and heads of education institutions to pay teachers and other staff their full salaries during the Covid-19 lockdown that started on 18 March 2020 with the closure of all education institutions.

The ministry cited its guidelines for staff employment in private schools and institutions which provide, among others, that school management shall pay fulltime staff during both school term and school holiday. It argued that despite the forced closure of education institutions to combat Covid-19, private institutions are expected to have budgeted for wages for the entire school year.

George Floyd’s lynch-style killing casts a dark cloud over Reagan’s City on a Hill

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By Norbert Mao

During his January 11, 1989, farewell speech to the nation Ronald Regan said: “I’ve spoken of the shining city all my political life, but I don’t know if I ever quite communicated what I saw when I said it. But in my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, wind-swept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it, and see it still.”

KCCA poor solid waste management and planning killed Cissy Namukasa

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By: Anselm Ssebuguzi

The poor planning and management of solid wastes killed Cissy Namukasa and it is the major cause of flooding and waterlogging in Kampala since these solid wastes cause blockage of  the poorly built Kampala water channels.

When 56-year-old Cissy Namukasa drowned in Nakawa Drainage Channel during a heavy downpour, she was misled by the flooding water which had overflown over the wide uncovered KCCA water channel. These channels were constructed by Kampala city council to serve suspicious purposes without considering the safety of the people of Kampala.

COVID-19 and the trade-offs required for full easing of the lockdown – Norbert Mao

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The government has eased the lockdown but the new measures have left many unanswered questions. The time scales are also vague because no one can predict with certainty the behavior of the virus. It is like a juggernaut!

We need the lockdown to be lifted so that we can go back to work, so that our children can go back to school and also because we want the freedom to do what we want with our lives.

Dr Obote’s ghost haunts Bobi Wine presidential bid – Mwaka Lutukumoi

Reading Time: 5 minutes

How Demonising Dr Obote Kept Museveni In Power, Will Deny Kyagulanyi Presidency And Continue Dividing Uganda.

” Killer, murderer, traitor, butcher, heartless, should die again!” Names given to what I insist and say father of the nation, Dr Million Obote.

35 years, President Museveni used the Obote dark shadows as a scare crow. ” A good Muganda is a dead one ” we grew up knowing as said by Dr Obote. Some one testified that he said in good faith.

When a relative of his wife, a muganda,( by the way, Obote married a muganda and his children are Baganda/ Lango blood).

The end of “UHURUTO” marriage of convenience,’- UYD Organising secretary Sewino

Reading Time: 3 minutes

‘The end of “UHURUTO” marriage of convenience,’- UYD Organising secretary Sewino

Uganda Young Democrats (UYD) National Organising Secretary Sewino Lawrence analyses the end of alliance between Kenya’s top leaders president Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy president Ruto William;

It is important to note that President Uhuru Kenyatta and deputy president William Ruto before combining forces in 2012, in a hotly contested Kenya’s presidential polls, they were political enemies since the two had earlier supported different rival coalitions including in the popular presidential polls in 2007.

How Chinese President Xi is commanding the country’s fight against COVID-19 – Hanane Thamik

Reading Time: 6 minutes

President Xi Jinping stressed that the country would resolutely win the people’s war against coronavirus. He visited a residential community, a hospital and a district center for disease control and prevention in Beijing.

President Xi expressed confidence that China can achieve a full victory in the fight against the epidemic. This is also not the first time that he has assured the country that the safety and health of the people is the NATION’S TOP PRIORITY. At Beijing Ditan hospital, one of the designated institutions for novel coronavirus pneumonia patients, President Xi called on medical staff to continue to improve diagnosis and treatment to save patients at all costs and reminded them to take care of themselves.

DP youth leader Ssembajjwe pens emotional letter to President Museveni over continued lock-down

Reading Time: 2 minutes

DP Youth leader Ssembajjwe pens emotional letter to President Museveni over continued lockdown .Whisper Eye Reports.

Democratic Party (DP) National Deputy Youth Leader Ssembajjwe Paul writes to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni over the continued Covid-19 lock down as MPs bags millions of money.

Mr Ssembajjwe argues that COVID 19 measures have impact on ordinary Ugandans which deserve a solution immediately.

Covid-19: Uganda needs 70% opening up – Denis Nyombi

Reading Time: 3 minutes

For nearly two months the country has been under partial lock down.
The cardinal account for this, to prevent the spread of COVID 19, beyond manageable measures.

The first cases were traced from persons coming within by air. Most were put in isolation places . The ones who tested positive were given medical attention and the country got a sigh, that they were getting back on foot. Indeed they got, since we have not in a while, got news of their re-manifesting signs of the infection.

Later other cases emerged of a few contact persons to the group above. They under went medical attention too.
Close to have less than 10 active cases, there emerged another wave of entrance-The truck drivers.