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Lessons on poverty from Covid-19 By Andrew M. Mwenda

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It is seven months since Uganda locked down due to COVID. The lesson I have learnt from the lockdown is not related to health but economics. It concerns the method we use to measure poverty (indirectly, wellbeing). Currently, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), like nearly all measurements of poverty elsewhere in the world, relies on income. COVID has taught us that income can sometimes be a misleading indicator of wellbeing.

Justice Sekaana NUP ruling is illegal, says Male Mabirizi

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Justice Sekaana NUP ruling is illegal, says Male Mabirizi. Whisper Eye Reports

City Lawyer Male H. Mabirizi K. Kiwanuka disagree with Justice Musa Sekaana’s ruling in the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party case.

Mr Mabirizi has wrote a statement reacting on the verdict that has given NUP party current leadership victory after High Court confirms that it was legally registered and dismissed the case with costs.

The Law on Red Berets: Disregard the misleading interpretations by NRM leaning lawyers – Nkunyingi Muwada

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The Law on Red Berets: Disregard the misleading interpretations by NRM leaning lawyers – Nkunyingi Muwada

Straight to the point.

Section 160 of the UPDF Act only provides for gazetting of insignias,marks and other decorations of the military.

Museveni’s 35 years are a betrayal of ideals reason most Ugandans lost interest in celebrating Uganda’s independence – Obedgiu Samuel

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Museveni’s 35 years in power have been a betrayal of ideals and that’s why most citizens of Uganda lost interest in celebrating Uganda’s independence.

Most sober citizens did not have any single reason to celebrate Uganda’s Independence on 9th October 2020. Hitherto, Mr Museveni has been treating Ugandans like second class citizens in their own country. As a comparison, you need to open up your eyes, to see how Kenyans and Tanzania have power over teasily buy any plot of land in Tanzania and Kenya.

35 years of President Museveni! Time is Up! why those below 35 years of age have more to loose – Akampa Rugaba Tanbull

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35 years of President M7! Time is Up! why those below 35 years of age have more to loose- Akampa Rugaba Tanbull.

Well, some musevenists will brand me crazy but I believe we all have a right to speak out what we feel about the affairs of our Country and how we should be Governed!.

I am almost as old as Museveni’s regime, having grown up under one man’s rule, the Alpha and Omega has taught me a lot of lessons and given me experiences to share.

UPC Woes : Understanding Justice Mike J.Chibita’s Judgement – Tom Owino

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Who went to court?
Civil Application No.22 of 2020 was filed by Jimmy Akena in the Supreme Court of Uganda, being represented by Counsel Caleb Alaka and Fred Kato.

Legal & Moral authority – Rev. Patrick S. K. Ndyanabo

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In all spheres of leadership, including Spiritual, Cultural, Political, Educational, Military, Medical, Judicial etc, it’s imperative to have both moral and legal authority.

As a matter of fact, moral authority should be strictly evaluated before a person is entrusted with any position of authority.

Whether it’s through an elective process of choosing or through an appointment method of bringing people into leadership roles, the candidates must satisfy an acceptable standard of moral uprightness – INTEGRITY.

The pseudo democracy in Uganda of Museveni’s 35 years rule; will the country be stable after Bobi Wine’s win? – Obedgiu Samuel

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The pseudo democracy in Uganda that has kept Museveni in power for 35 year; will the country be stable without him as president?


Recently, Ugandan civil society organizations warned about the likelihood of increasing political violence leading up to the country’s 2021 general elections.

Disturbing incidents of opposition figures like Bobi Wine being arrested and beaten, journalists being punished for covering those who challenge the state, and people associated with the new political opposition, like Michael Kalinda, being abducted, tortured, and even killed certainly support the case for sounding the alarm.

David Kilcullen argues that most future conflicts will occur in cities, thanks to the extraordinary growth in urban populations and the interconnectedness wrought by new technologies, which will create novel opportunities for crime and political violence. The ingredients for the kind of violence Kilcullen predicts are already in place, it’s a matter of time.

A time for return to the basics of national growth agenda – Raila Odinga

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1. The stalemate over the third basis revenue sharing formula that ran from July and saw the Senate fail to agree a record ten times is finally behind us. I take this opportunity to thank President Uhuru Kenyatta for his intervention which saw the government offer Sh50 billion additional funding to counties.

Opinion: Reflection for the Week – Obedgiu Samuel

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During the last week we have seen many Rembo or Swazniger like episodes in our country.
A daughter in law contesting against a father in law, each bringing a group of heavily armed soldiers, a former Attorney General picking a gun to teach his opponents a lesson. Great lessons learnt we saw the same man who one day told a fellow learnt Judge that ‘Report me to God or go hang,’ this time he was bundled into a prison bus all alone with many common chicken thiefs.