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‘There’s no money’- MOH to striking nurses

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has said that the strike declared today by health workers under their umbrella Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union is unnecessary and will not yield any results.

The nurses and midwives started a strike over lunch allowances estimated at 70 billion Shillings. This money is anticipated to cater for 26,000 nurses and midwives at a rate of 15,000 per health worker, per day. Currently, they receive 2,000 Shillings for lunch which cannot even cater for a descent cup of tea.

Uganda Clays Returns to Making Profit

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Uganda Clays Ltd, Uganda’s oldest clay building materials manufacture, has returned to making profit despite a slight decline in revenues in year ended December 2020, according to the financial statements.

The company reports that profit after tax for the period increased by 5639% to Ushs 4.9 Billion from a loss of Ushs 88.4 Million that was registered in 2019.

The directors and management of the company expressed delight that the turnaround was recorded in a year that has been difficult for all sectors in Uganda and globally due to the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, a sign that it will stabilise.

Uganda Police Hunts 20 for ‘Hijacking’ National ID System

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The National Identification Registration Authority -NIRA has enlisted Police support to break up a racket that has hijacked the registration process for issuance of National Identification Cards and replacing lost ones. 

The crime intelligence unit of Police -CI has swung into action and in hunt has already arrested five key players. Another twenty members of the network have been identified and the search for them has intensified. Sources have indicated that the CI has spread its net across the country because the matter of IDs is sensitive as it impacts on national security.

Private Schools Understaffed as Teachers Abandon the Profession

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Some private schools around Kampala and Wakiso are operating while under staff, while others have resorted to hiring part time teachers.

The unstable situation in schools has resulted from some private teachers abandoning the profession to concentrate on their private businesses, hence leaving the schools in dilemma.

During the lock down a number of teachers that in private schools were reported to have struggled to make a living, as their employers could not afford to continue paying them on grounds that their only source of income was fees paid by learners on a termly basis.

Big Story: Kitgum, Lamwo stuck with UGX 1.8 Billion meant for staff recruitment

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Less than two months to the end of the 2020/2021 Financial year, Lamwo and Kitgum district Local Governments are still stuck with 1.8 Billion Shillings in the wage bill.

This comes as the two district local governments failed to conduct recruitment of civil servants due to a non-functional District service commission- DSC. The two districts received the money in the last financial year to conduct recruitment to fill key positions aimed at improving service delivery. 

Kitgum District in particular received a wage bill of 1 Billion Shillings for the recruitment of staffs at both the District Local Government and the Municipal Council. 

Gov’t to Sponsor Non-graduate Teachers for Degrees Courses

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The Ministry of Education and Sports will offer free in-service programmes to enable teachers of lower qualifications to upgrade to the required degree level.

The new National Teacher Policy now requires that all teachers, right from nursery, to have at least a bachelor’s degree as their minimum education qualification. This means lower qualifications from certificate to diploma are going to be phased out.

According to the ministry’s action plan, teachers with lower qualifications both in public and private schools who are willing to remain in service will have a period of ten years to meet the new standards.

Nakasongola Returned Unspent 286M to Treasury over Disagreements, Incomplete Works

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The front view of Nakasongola district council hall which also hosts offices of RDC and Chairperson

Authorities in Nakasongola District are on the spot for failure to utilize 286 million shillings in 2019/20 financial year over disagreements among district councilors and contractors’ delay to complete works.

The unspent funds came to limelight after the release of Auditor General report for the financial year 2019/20 which revealed that Nakasongola district sent back to treasury 286 million shillings.

Karimojong LDUs Plead for Mercy as UPDF Threatens to ‘Send them Home’

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Karimojong LDUs at the parade during their passout at Olilim army training school in Katakwi on in 2011A decision by the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF to phase out the Local Defence Unit has left many of them broken and pleading with the authorities not to victimised them.  

Lt. General Peter Elwelu, the Commander of Land Forces announced that the UPDF was phasing out all the local Defence Unit personnel recruited and deployed in Karamoja after investigations found out that they were part of the problem of cattle rustling in the region.

Just In: Chinese Supreme Court hires retired Justice Katureebe

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Chinese Supreme Court hires retired Justice Katureebe

Barely six months after his retirement as Chief Justice of Uganda, Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe has earned himself a prestigious international appointment.

The Supreme People’s Court of China (SPC) has appointed the Chief Justice Emeritus Katureebe as a member of its Expert Committee on adjudication of international commercial disputes for the next four years.

Uganda Live budget speech 2020-2021

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The Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija is reading his budget speech for 2020-2021.

Government will announce a cut of billions of shillings off travel and conferences and ensure that ministries, departments and agencies become efficient as it faces limited funding to run the 2020/21 financial year budget to be read on Thursday.

Also, the government will seek to use agriculture as a resilient sector that will anchor the country’s growth next financial year as uncertainty over coronavirus crisis lingers on.

The tourism sector will be allocated 197 billion Shillings, a slight improvement from 193 billion Shillings in the 2019/20 financial despite it being the most battered by the effects of COVID-19. Government is expected to cut billions off all ministries’ travel budget both for inland and foreign trips.

Six African countries have embraced Pan African Think Tank , says US pop star Nichole

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Six African countries have embraced Pan African Think Tank

Six African countries are to work with Pan African Think Tank to create unity, youth unemployment and change lives a cross boarders.

Christine Nichole, the founder of Pan African Think Tank told Whisper Eye how young people across the Continent have welcomed the organisation.

Change your mindset and exploit opportunities , Pan African Think Tank founder tells Uganda’s youths

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Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star tells Uganda’s youths.

Change your mind set and exploit opportunities in this global village, US pop music star who doubles as the founder of Pan African Think Tank tells Uganda’s youths.Whisper Eye Reports.

USA pop star C Nichole talks to Whisper Eye about Pan African Think Tank

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USA pan Africanist talks to Whisper Eye about Pan African Think Tank.

Pan African Think Tank founder a US citizen Christine Nichole talked about over raising standards of living of Africans.