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Minister Janat Mukwaya accused of conniving with Saudi Embassy official to fleece Uganda migrant workers

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The fraternity of labour recruitment agencies in Uganda is  divided over reports emerging over the labour ministry continued 70 dollars each girl charge meant for monitoring the safety of Ugandan workers (girls).

Uganda federation of foreign recruitment agencies in an effort to eliminate trafficking of Ugandan workers and foster safety of Uganda workers is in the process of coordinating the same with a newly acquired offices at crested towers in Kampala

Voices heard accuse Hon Jannat Mukwaya of conniving with Saudi embassy officials to fleece Ugandan workers

Ugandan workers in Middle East neglected as Minister Mukwaya reaps big from the labour export industry

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The former Mukono South MP Hon Jannat Baluunzi Mukwaya who retired from active elective politics in 2016 bounced back as a powerful minister-in the NRM government, she is the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs having been appointed to that position on 6th  June 2016.

Hajjati Mukwaya is a former captain in the Ugandan military rebel group NRA   now at the centre of the Labour ministry which is among the NRM government most tax appealing ministry which has seen many misfortune as Ugandans exported for Labour in very harsh and unexplained conditions.  

MUBS guild leaders support MUK tuition strike

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Makerere University Business School (MUBS) student guild leaders have joined their Makerere University counterparts to reject the 15% tuition and functional fees increment.

Romulus Tusingwiire, the MUBS guild president, says government’s claim that it was unable to fully fund public universities leading up to the 15% fees increment is incomprehensible.

They also questioned the government’s interest in the tuition hike at both institutions, saying government has its priorities upside down. Tusingwiire argues that every day, they see the number of ministers, legislators and political positions multiplying.

Panic as PLE allegedly exams trend on social media

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Social media was early morning awash with PDF  files  of Mathematics and Social Studies purported  leaked final Primary Leaving Examinations  papers.

Earlier in the week Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) was still grappling with reports that PLE exams papers leaked out during the week  before pupils  entered the examination rooms.

As police arrested six men for selling fake examination papers in the areas of Kireka.

Degrees cannot solve Uganda’s education woes –Experts warn

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 Educationists have downplayed the likely benefits of a move by the government to phase out lower level certifications for teachers.

The move comes after the government announced that that enrollment of students in Primary Teachers Colleges (PTC) and National Teachers Colleges (NTC) for certificates and Diplomas will stop next year as it moves to phase out grade three and grade five qualifications.

Teachers were given up to 10-years to upgrade their qualifications to degree level in line with provisions of the National Teacher’s policy that was launched in October 2019.

Kizza Besigye condemns student arrests at Makerere University

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Former President of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Dr. Kizza Besigye has condemned the arrests and detention of students at Makerere University for protesting against the 15 percent tuition increment.

The increase in fees is being implemented so that all new students enrolling at Makerere University have to factor in a 15 percent increment.

It was passed by the University Council in June 2018. For the past two days, the university campus has been a hive of activity, as students engaged security agencies in running battles. Police used teargas and live bullets to pursue the rowdy students who are calling for the cancellation of the fees increment policy.

Gangs dominate high schools in Mbale town Survey confirms

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A number of schools in Mbale town are witnessing an increase in gangs, comprising students, known for using drugs, encouraging bullying and violence in schools and increasing urban crime.

A survey undertaken by Human Rights Activists Elgon Sub Region- HURA, a nonprofit Organisation operating in the area says the gangs have assumed code names and zoned school campuses and neighboring communities as their areas of operation.

Vocational institutes in Ankole struggling to attract students

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Vocational training institutions in Ankole are still struggling to attract students.

This is despite the fact that some of the such as Bushenyi technical College Kahaya, Kibasti Vocational institute, Ihunga polytechnic in Ntungamo, Rwentanga farm school in Mbarara and Rwampara farm school in Rwampara are equipped to provide skills to the students.

The institutions are still operating far below their capacity with some operating below 50 percent.

UNEB fails to pin Buvuma headteacher over malpractice

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Court has tasked Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB to table evidence implicating Siraje Kakomo Musisi, the head teacher Buvuma College School and the UNEB scout, Afema Droti for exam malpractice.

UNEB dragged the duo to court for allegedly aiding and abetting examination malpractices during last year’s Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education-UACE examinations in 2018 when they leaked paper for candidates of Buvuma College School, which prompted UNEB to withhold their results.

Masterpiece book on ceremonies and practices in Uganda published

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A masterpiece book on ceremonies and practices associated with Empaako naming system in Uganda.

A book presenting a comprehensive documentation inform of text, photography and transcription of Empaako naming ceremonies and rituals has been published. 

The book presents the social-cultural functions and meanings of Empaako practice in daily life of five bearer communities of Batooro, Banyoro, Banyabindi, Batuku and Batagwenda.

Francis creates an app to make work easy for students and lecturers of Kyambogo University

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Francis creates an app to make work easy for students and lecturers of Kyambogo University. 

Francis makes Kyambogo University app for freshers.

Francis says that he made this app with the love for the students mostly freshers.

Namirembe Hillside fire: Students point to corporal punishment and poor feeding

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 The recent fire outbreaks at Namirembe Hillside high school in Wakiso district are being blamed on mistreatment by teachers. There were three fire outbreaks at the school last week.

A police officer at Kasangati Police Station privy to the investigations into the fire outbreaks at the schools says some of the students suspected to have started fires, point to corporal punishment and poor feeding as some of the reasons that pushed them to act the way they did.

Bunyangabu district leaders hails Brain Bridge High School

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Bunyangabu district leaders have praised Brain Bridge High School’s role in the education sector in the newly created district.

Musinguzi Peter, the LC V Chairman (interim) said that education is one of their priority as district leaders. He said that they are to extensively to supervise government schools and cooperate with private school owners.

7 year old writer ‘Liam’ donates 10 USD to Heart patient in Kampala

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A young writer Liam Katabira is one of the many new talented boys in Africa generally Kampala,  Uganda. A pupil of primary 2 at Sir Apollo Kaggwa is a poetry writer at his young age , given that he has wrote several poems to his name. 

But Liam who has won several awards to his names, just proved that he is not just  a writer but he has a heart of gold.

Today Uganda’s oldest political party Democratic Party supporter known as 
Nansamba Sharon Ruth, a mother of four (three beautiful girls and one son) , a woman human rights and political  activist is seeking for  a heart treatment in India.

Local revenue management system puzzles municipalities

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The introduction of the Integrated Financial Management System-IFMS in local councils has left the four municipalities in Wakiso District puzzled. Their leaders say that the new system is likely to create deficits in their budgets and affect service delivery.

According to a recent circular from the Accountant General, locally raised revenue will be managed under the Integrated Financial Management System-IFMS and treasury single account as a mode of operation for all local governments. Under the system, all revenues collected are remitted to the consolidated fund from where it can be uploaded to the respective votes for expenditure as budgeted.

City Lawyer asks court to send Mak top officials to prison for contempt

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City lawyer Anthony Wameli has filed an application seeking to hold Makerere University top officials in contempt of court for refusing to conduct a fresh search process for the Deputy Vice-Chancellor- Finance and Administration.

The application is based on a decision by High Court Judge Musa Ssekaana in which the appointment of Prof William Bazeyo was nullified on account of irregular recruitment. This was in response to a challenge by Anthony Mugisha, a Professor of Veterinary Sciences & Socio-economics.