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AKAMPA Tanbull: Bad Black as brand ambassador Victoria University is the best business decision ever

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Well, new and tough times call for innovative, strategic new ways and tough decisions to influence brand visibility and viability especially for Institutions of higher learning.

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To beat the usual traditions of huge finances involved in mainstream media advertising, it is more visible to assign new digital media influencers as brand ambassadors. More people, more youth especially those who want to go to University are always glued on their phones, IPads, or laptops on digital media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, tweeter, Instagram, TikTok and others thus Victoria University thinking of appointing Bad black as a brand ambassador makes more marketing sense.

Court summons Bobi Wine over illegal admission to Makerere University

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Court summons Bobi Wine over illegal admission to Makerere University. Whisper Eye News

The Law Development Centre court in Kampala has summoned National Unity Platform boss Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to appear in court and defend self over charges of illegal admission into to Makerere University.

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Terrible: Mpigi School owners urge govt as they turn classrooms into poultry farms

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Terrible: Mpigi School owners urge govt as they turn classrooms into poultry farms

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The school owners in Mpigi district have appealed to Uganda government to lift lockdown on schools after spending close to two years with out serious business due to Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of school owners our reporter interview are stuck with bank loans, and those who resorted to money lenders are bound to loose their schools due to huge loan interests.

Meet Kakande Hafdwar Whisper Eye’s personality of the week

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Kakande Hafdwar commonly referred to as Kakande Power is a student of Education at the Islamic University in Uganda

Kakande is son of the late Hajji Hood Ssettaala and Mrs Nalweyiso Aisha

Kakande rose to the limelight after his passionate love for social justice and making tangible differences in the community know as the problem solver has made him be referred to as the Power house of the Mbale based university

Kakande power is a students darling who they aswell refer to as there shield and most say his the man for the job because he has already demonstrated outstanding charisma in fighting for students rights

Among others Kakande fought and say the extension of late registration of semester two amid the constrains of the second covid pandemic

I am qualified enough to lead Uganda’s Education Sector.” Janet Kataaha Museveni

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First Lady who also doubles as the Minister for Education and Sports has come out to rubbish reports that she is not worth being a Minister with many alleging that she has staggering academic papers.

The First Lady has said that it is pity that many Ugandans are fed with fake propaganda about her education background and her capability to lead such an institution as a Minister.

Big Story: Government forcing me to withdraw case against uneducated Ssegirinya – Kidandala

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Mr Serwadda Sulaiman Kidandala has cried out saying top govt officials are telling him to drop a case has against Ssegirinya Muhammed for allegedly strategic reasons.

Kidandala had sued to oust his political nemesis Muhammad Ssegirinya from parliament but even before hearing of the petition kicks off, Sulaiman Kidandala, the losing candidate in the 2021 Kawempe North parliamentary race, claims he is being pressured by officials in government and security to drop the case citing national interests and strategic reasons.

Patrick Bakka Male, hailed for lifting up Kings College Buddo

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By Kaweesa Hope Mulangira

Head Master Male Baaka hailed for lifting up Kings College Buddo. Whisper Eye News

Old students gathered to celebrate Kings College Buddo’s excellent performance in the last concluded UCE results.

Many Ugandan families have found this school ideal, its location in Wakiso and neighboring towns along Masaka road has made this day and boarding school particularly popular.

Sell school property to pay bank loans, Govt is very broke to bail you out, Minister Kasaija to private schools

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Sell school properties to pay bank loans, Govt has no money to bail you out.”Minister Matia Kasaija

The minister for Finance and Economic Development, Matia Kasaija has advised private school owners to sell school assets and repay bank loans instead of asking for government bailouts.

Full Text: Uganda UCE 2020 results out – UNEB

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Uganda UCE 2020 results out. Whisper Eye News

Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations results have been released today by the Ministry of Education and sports minister in a statement shared by the executive director of Uganda National Examination Board MR Dan N. Odongo.

UNEB set to release S4 UCE exams on Friday

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UNEB set to release S4 UCE exams on Friday. Whisper Eye News

The Uganda National Examination Board , UNEB is set to release the results of 2020 UCE candidates on Friday.

Uneb with the Ministry of Education and Sports has scheduled to release the results this Friday.

Bobi Wine lists 10 must read books to revolutionary leaders

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Bobi Wine lists 10 books a must read to revolutionary leaders.

National Unity Platform (NUP) party president Mr Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert who is in US, has listed top ten books that everyone must read to understand the struggle to defeat Mr Museveni.

Former 2021 presidential candidate Mr Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine called upon all fellow freedom fighters to find time to read these books.

5 Teachers, 37 pupils arrested while conducting normal classes during lockdown

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By Felix Biryomumaisho

Sheema Central police station Kabwohe has this afternoon arrested 5 teachers and 37 pupils of Bugongi preparatory school after being found red handed attending normal lessons at school which is against the presidential directives against covid-19.

Just In: LDC Lecturer Senior Counsel Kaboggoza Musoke Succumbs to Covid19

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Law Development Centre (LDC) lecturer Mr Paul Martins Kaboggoza Musoke succumbs to Covid 19. Whisper Eye News

It is a sombre mood at Law Development Centre as Lawyers are mourning the death of their senior Lecturer who they refer to as a professional advisor who has succumbed to the deadly Coronavirus pandemic.

Paul Martins Kabogoza Musoke has died at Paramount Hospital Hospital just a few minutes ago where he had been admitted for a few days battling the dangerous Covid 19 pandemic.