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Uganda receives a grant worth UGX 2.5 Billion from Swedfund for solar development

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Government of Uganda has received a grant worth UGX 2.5 Billion from Swedfund for solar development.

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With support of the Embassy of Sweden in Uganda, Government of Uganda represented by Uganda Electricity Generation Company – UEGCL has received a grant worth 6 Million Swedish Krona (Approx. UGX 2.5 Billion) from Swedfund to undertake analytical studies for floating solar dev’t in Uganda. The grant was handed over by H.E Maria Håkansson – Swedish Ambassador to Uganda to Dr. Eng. Harrison E. Mutikanga – CEO, UEGCL.

Uganda starts the production of surgical gloves

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Uganda starts the production of surgical gloves.

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A local Ugandan company has started manufacturing surgical gloves, one of the vital medical consumables in health facilities.

Nakasongola Leaders Advocate For Construction of Mini Water Supply Schemes

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Local leaders and residents of Nakasongola district want the government to prioritize the construction of mini water supply schemes to address water scarcity in the area.    

There are over 470 boreholes, 164 valley dams and four mini water solar schemes in Nakasongola. The district also boasts of large sections of Lake Kyoga and river Kafu.

However, local leaders and residents say during the dry season, the boreholes and valley dams constructed by the government dry up leaving them without water.

Wakiso District Launches Solar Water Project in Bussi Islands

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Wakiso district has today launched the first completed phase of the solar water project constructed in the Islands of Bussi sub-county that was started last year.

While launching this project today in Busi Sub County, The Wakiso chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwanika said that putting clean water in the Islands of Bussi is a great improvement of the district and to the people of the Bussi sub-county.

Bwanika says that they are planning to develop the islands of Bussi to become a tourist center where people can come and visit and that the project is going to be done in phases.

NSSF Nine-Month Deficit Falls to UGX 31.1 Billion

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Pension Towers Due For Completion Next FebruaryThe National Social Security Fund has a mixed picture in its performance over the nine months ending March 202, compared to the same period ending March 2020. This is largely due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the changes in the foreign exchange rates.  

By March 2021, the members’ fund had grown to 14.62 trillion Shillings compared to 12.65 trillion Shillings recorded at the end of March 2020, despite a slight decline in members’ contributions over the two periods. A statement by NSSF attributes this to the ‘continued growth in investment assets and contribution collections.’

FID for oil and gas in Uganda: What It is or not

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When joint ventures, company consortia, or public-private partnerships plan massive energy projects, they must go through several stages of planning and execution. 

One of the most important steps of this process is the Final Investments Decision, FID. At this point, the companies are ready to proceed with the real development process for the project. 

Norbert Mao: Will the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline see the light of day before fossil fuel becomes extinct?

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By Norbert Mao

A friend recently told me that if you don’t have 15 UK Pounds, you can’t drive a petrol or diesel car into Central London. Electric cars don’t attract that penalty which is aimed at discouraging the use of fossil fuel. Eventually the penalty will be felt along the entire automotive value chain.

The car buyers will stop buying cars that use fossil fuel. The car manufacturers will stop making cars that use fossil fuel. Electric cars will become the new normal. Vessels that use fossil fuel will join the dinosaurs in the museums of history.

Emyooga projects: How beneficiaries have put the money to good use

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By Whisper Eye Business Detect

Ever since the Government of Uganda trusted Minister of Microfinance Hon Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo with Emyooga project, there has been lots of success stories.

The project that was launched in 2019 with the aim of creating jobs and improving household names across the country has reached and benefitted groups like Boda Boda riders, Journalists, Taxi Drivers, artists among other groups of people in various capacities.

National Budget Increased to UGX 44.7 Trillion

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The Ministry of Finance has further increased the budget for the financial year 2021/2022 from the initial 41.3 Trillion Shillings to 44.7 Trillion Shillings.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the increase is due to an additional 500 Billion Shillings for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines and the decision to borrow more money externally.  

Last week, Finance Minister Matia Kasaija tabled a budget of 41.2 trillion shillings for the next financial year, which was a reduction of 4.3 Trillion Shillings from last year’s budget.

Revenue mobilization through tax transparency: Lessons from Uganda’s transformative journey

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By John Rujoki Musinguzi, Commissioner GeneralUganda Revenue Authority, Mary Baine, Director – Tax Programmes, African Tax Administration Forum, Zayda Manatta, Head of the Secretariat of the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, and Marcello Estevão, Global Director, Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment, World Bank Group

Uganda has significantly strengthened its tax transparency and tax capacity in just a few years to mobilise more domestic resources to finance sustainable development. Moreover, the country has taken significant steps to tackle illicit financial flows by implementing global transparency and information exchange standards. The results have been impressive: USD 26 million in additional revenue has been identified since 2014 through audits and exchange of information, USD 22 million of which has already been paid to government coffers.

Mabirizi Demands Signed Oil Agreements Made Public

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Lawyer Hassan Male Mabirizi has given the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development 21 days to make public the agreements that were signed on Sunday, between the government of Uganda and Tanzania.

Mabirizi threatens legal action if the Permanent Secretary does not comply with what he calls the constitutional obligation imposed on the ministry by the constitution.

On Sunday, the Presidents of Uganda Yoweri Museveni and Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan and representatives of oil companies CNOOC AND Total are Host Government agreement and the Tariff and Transportation agreement.

Oil Pipeline: Uganda, Tanzania sign important oil agreement

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Uganda and Tanzania have signed the East African Crude Oil Pipeline agreement. 

This signals the start of the construction of the pipeline that will transport Uganda’s oil from Hoima to the port of Tanga.

Among the agreements signed on Sunday between the officials from the government of Uganda and Tanzania and the oil companies’ CNOOC and Total are; Host Government agreement and the Tariff and Transportation agreement.

Speaking after the signing of the agreement that is over $10billion, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, said that he chose to work with Tanzania because of its historical contribution towards Uganda.

Uganda’s solar energy capacity to reach 200MW by 2022

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Uganda is set to have a total installed solar power capacity of more than 200 megawatts by the end of next year, with more than half-owned by a private investor Dr David Alobo.

Alobo, through his Xsabo group, has commissioned the construction of a 20 MW solar power project at Konge in Mityana district, which is one of the two largest solar plants in the country.

Xsabo Group says they plan to build another three projects, which will bring the number to five plants with a total installed capacity of 150 MW, worth a total investment of 735 Billion Shillings.

The company received funding for the Mubende project worth 63 Billion Shillings from the Uganda Development Bank and the DFCU Bank.