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leader Kim Jong Un climbs Mountain, threatens to ‘strike the World with wonder’

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 North Korean state media on Wednesday posted a slideshow of leader Kim Jong Un scaling the country’s highest mountain on horseback, and suggested the display means he is considering a major decision.

The photos, posted in the Korean Central News Agency, showed Kim wearing a puffy tan overcoat and glasses, sitting atop a white horse whose bridle and harness appeared to be covered in sparkling, silver gemstones.

The photoshoot was conducted on the snow-covered Paektu Mountain, where Kim’s father, the late Kim Jong Il, is said to have been born, according to North Korea’s official mythology.

President Xi Jinping warns that attempts to split China risk ‘smashed’ bodies

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President Xi Jinping has warned that any attempts to split China would result in “bodies smashed and bones ground to powder”, amid four months of anti-Beijing unrest in Hong Kong.

Xi issued the dire message during a weekend visit to Nepal, according to a foreign ministry statement released on Sunday.

Uganda blocks introduction of new fish species from China

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries has halted a move by a Chinese firm to introduce, breed and grow exotic species of fish in the country.

Dr Anthony Taabu Munyaho, the Director National Fisheries Resources Research Institute, says that the proposal was tabled for review by a Chinese investor. He, however, adds that they rejected it citing the numerous risks.

Dr Munyaho adds that Uganda has over 500 species, all them edible, which have been developed to commercial levels than making new introductions.

Chinese organized crime a more potent threat to Kenya than debt

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“I have carried salt and removed lead”, laments Yeshua ben Sira in the Book of Wisdom, a Christian canon, “and I have not seen anything heavier than that a man should pay back a debt when he did not borrow.”

Had he lived in Kenya, his lament would have been as relevant today as it was then. After all we are now paying back billions of shillings in loans taken in our names for unpopular projects whose viability remains questionable and whose costs were almost certainly inflated.

India’s former finance minister arrested in corruption case

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Dozens of officers from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) scaled the walls of Chidambaram’s house in India’s capital, New Delhi, before taking him away in a car late on Wednesday, whisper eye media reported.

His supporters tried to prevent the arrest by jumping onto the car.

Pakistan and India exchange border fire kills 8

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India denies Pakistani army’s statement that five of its troops were killed in exchange of fire across Line of Control.
Pakistan army has said at least three Pakistani and five Indian soldiers have been killed after a cross-border exchange of fire in the disputed region of Kashmir prompting a denial by New Delhi that there were fatalities among its forces.

Major General Asif Ghafoor, spokesman of Pakistan armed forces, wrote on Twitter on Thursday that its three soldiers had died along with five of India’s when Indian forces opened fire along the contested border, known as the Line of Control (LOC).

Preacher to be deported :Outrage in Malaysia as Zakir Naik suggests Chinese expulsion

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At least four cabinet ministers have publicly urged Prime Minister Mahathir to deport controversial preacher to India.

Indian Muslim preacher Zakir Naik has ignited outrage in Malaysia after suggesting the expulsion of its ethnic Chinese minorities, even as the country’s cabinet mulls the possibility of cancelling his permanent residency.

North Korea Launched Cyber attacks Against Nigeria To Raise Money For Weapons Of Mass Destruction -Report

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Hong kong protests cripple airport for second day

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Hong Kong International Airport saw chaotic scenes on a second consecutive day of massive anti-government protests that have paralysed one of Asia’s key transport hubs.

Squads of riot police arrived shortly before midnight after thousands of demonstrators again flooded the terminal buildings during the day.

What weapon was Russia testing in Arctic?

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Five Russian nuclear engineers who died in a rocket engine explosion have been buried in Sarov, a closed town 373km (232 miles) east of Moscow, where nuclear warheads are made.

The Russian state nuclear agency, Rosatom, said the experts had been testing a nuclear-powered engine. But it gave no further technical details.
The test was on an offshore platform in the Arctic, at a naval test range.

400 UAE military vehicles used in Aden over ‘slaughter’

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The interior minister of Yemen internationally recognised government has said the United Arab Emirates won in the southern port city of Aden, a day after UAE-backed southern separatists took control of all government military camps and the presidential palace.

In a Twitter post published on his official account on Sunday, Ahmed al-Mayssari said: “We acknowledge defeat and congratulate the UAE on its victory … but this will not be our last battle.”

Coup in Yemen: Southern separatists seize control of Aden

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Yemeni separatists have taken effective control of the port city of Aden after days of fighting with troops loyal to the internationally backed government.
Forces aligned with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) – which wants an independent south – said they had seized control of military camps and the presidential palace.
The government said it was a “coup”.

The action has fractured the Saudi-led coalition against Houthi rebels that both sides have fought in.
The coalition called for an immediate ceasefire in the city and said it would “use military force against anyone who violates it”, Saudi Arabia’s state news agency SPA reported.

Indian troops fire tear gas as mass protests erupt in Srinagar

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Indian security forces have fired tear gas and shot live rounds in the air to disperse mass protests in Indian-administered Kashmir main city as thousands rallied against New Delhi’s stripping of the region’s autonomy, according to local sources.

The protests erupted afternoon prayers on Friday, with thousands of people marching towards the center of Srinagar ignoring a curfew imposed as part of an unprecedented security lock down in the disputed region.

5 dead in Russia :U.S.-based experts suspect blast involved nuclear-powered missile

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Five people were killed and three injured following a rocket explosion on a naval test range in Russia on Thursday, state nuclear company Rosatom confirmed.
Rostacom said the accident occurred during tests on a liquid propellant rocket engine.

The three injured staff members suffered serious burns in the accident.
Authorities had previously said that two people died and six were injured in the blast at the site in Nyonoksa.

One officer dead as People power block security forces in Kyrgyzstan

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Security forces in the central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan have stormed the home of former President Almazbek Atambayev in an attempt to detain him.

Mr Atambayev’s supporters clashed with the troops and one officer died from gunshot wounds, officials said.
It is understood Mr Atambayev is still inside his compound, on the outskirts of the capital Bishtek.

Space X successfully launches Israeli Amos-17 satellite

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Spacecom says Amos-17 will be the most advanced high-throughput satellite to provide communication services to sub-Saharan Africa.

SpaceX overnight Tuesday launched Israeli communication satellite Amos-17 into orbit from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, after a suspected engine fault delayed its take-off by 14 days.