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Rwandan govt critic sentenced to 15 years in Jail for inciting violence

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Rwandan govt critic sentenced to 15 years.

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A Rwandan court sentenced a yachtswoman critical of President Paul Kagame’s rule to 15 years in prison for “inciting violence.

Yvonne Idamange, 42 and mother of four, was not present in court in Kigali when the verdict was read, finding her guilty on six counts, including inciting violence and insurrection, denigration of genocide memorials, spreading rumors, and assault.

Tension: Uganda beefs up security on its borders with Rwanda

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Uganda beefs up Security on its borders with Rwanda.

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Uganda has beefed up it’s security along its border with Rwanda to reportedly prevent the increasing cases of illegal immigrants and smuggling of livestock by Rwandan nationals.

Top Kigali govt critic gunned down in Mozambique

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Kigali government critic gunned down in Mozambique.

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Former army officer Révocat Karemangingo who has also been the treasurer of the refugee association in Mozambique was on Monday gunned down as he drove to his home in maputo.He was shot nine times, police said.

Rwanda spying on us is a waste of time – Gen Museveni

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Rwanda spying on us is a waste of time – Gen Museveni. Whisper Eye News

A few months ago, news broke out showing how Rwanda was using spying malware on Uganda’s top government leaders including the CMI chief, Former Prime Minister Rugunda, Former Foreign affairs Minister Sam Kutesa among others.

Police/UPDF/CMI Must Produce Dr. Muganga Lawrence in Courts of Law before 48hours – AKAMPA Tanbull

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We the concerned citizens of Uganda under our umbrella think-tank Human Rights Defenders Forum and other human rights defenders networks, associations, and organizations would like to condemn the brutality and inhuman treatment and torture that was melted on Dr Lawrence Muganga, the Vice-Chancellor Victoria University and some staff of the same institution.

Whereas we understand and appreciate the work of security agencies like Uganda Police, CMI, UPDF, and others in Keeping Law and order.

Big Story: Kagame suspected spy arrested by CMI in Kampala

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Kagame suspected spy arrested by CMI in Kampala

Today Lawrence Muganga the Vice-Chancellor of Victoria University has been arrested by the CMI over allegations of being a Paul Kagame spy.

Muganga was grabbed from his office at Victoria University after the CMI gathering enough intelligence that pins him for being an agent of the Kigali based government.

According to the CMI, Muganga was building a network to spy on Gen Museveni’s government but all his plans have been sabotaged after being tiptoed by the Ugandan intelligence units.

Rwanda rapper Jay Polly Dead

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Rwanda rapper Jay Polly Dead. Whisper Eye News

URapper Joshua Tuyishime, better known by his stage name Jay Polly, has died aged 33.

Rwanda extends Covid19 strict lockdown to consolidate new gains

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Rwanda extends Covid19 strict lockdown to consolidate new gains. Whisper Eye News

In order to consolidate the gains made over the past few days in reducing Covid-19 cases, Rwanda has decided to extend a total lockdown in Kigali and some eight districts in the east Africa country, for five more days until July 31.

Understanding Rwanda’s foreign policy – Andrew M Mwenda

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This is a second instalment of my three-part review of Michela Wrong’s book, Do Not Disturb, about the murder of Patrick Karegyeya. Many readers of part one missed the core of my argument. I did not seek to argue that the government of Rwanda under the leadership of President Paul Kagame does not hunt to kill its enemies abroad. I only meant to illustrate that Wrong did not do basic journalistic work of trying to look at different hypotheses and then showing why she believed the one she went with. The core of my argument was that if Kigali has assassinated anyone abroad, that is because of a rational foreign policy, not because of some violent psychopathy of Kagame as a person the way Wrong presented it.

Rwanda’s genocide wounds yet to heal as AU marks 27 of tragedy

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A number of diplomats from the African Union and Western countries are meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to mark the 27th anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide.

April 7, is dedicated as a day of remembrance of the victims of the 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 people were slaughtered by ethnic Hutu extremists within a period of 100 days. The killers were targeting members of the minority Tutsi community, as well as their political opponents, irrespective of their ethnic origin.

Rwandans react to report on France’s 1994 genocide role

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Rwandans visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial react to the publication of a report Friday on France’s role in their nation’s 1994 genocidal atrocity against the Tutsi ethnic group.

The report — based on research led by historian Vincent Duclert, concludes there had been a “failure” on the part of France under former leader Francois Mitterrand.

Jean Dushimimana, a visitor at the museum, appears to have mixed feelings.

“There is nothing that the French can do to pay back for what they did (in the genocide) but what I would say is that maybe they could do something for the victims and the survivors who are still suffering from the effects of the genocide to help them improve their lives.”