Traffic Jam forces Gen Katumba to abandon Mukono home

Traffic Jam on Jinja Road from Mukono to the capital Kampala is one of the most intense in the country, especially during peak hours. A journey that would last not more than 30 minutes under normal circumstances eventually takes one over 3 hours.

The traffic does not only affect wanaichis but also senior government officials who have lead cars that pave the way for them as they rush to Kampala to do their state duties.

Gen Katumba Wamala the Minister for Works and Transport once revealed that he had to abandon his home in Mukono and relocate to Najjera a city surbub because of the hectic traffic jam on Jinja road that always frustrated him every morning as he tried to enter Kampala.

Unfortunately when Gen Katumba relocated to flee the toxic traffic Jam of Mukono almost ended his life as unknown gunmen shot at his car killing his driver and daughter. Gen Katumba also sustained injuries.

Jinja Road is the main trade route of Uganda as it connects the country to the Mombasa port in Kenya where most of Uganda’s goods pass. The road hence attracts big trucks carrying goods that are many in number and slow in movement.

It is yet not known why government Planners have failed to find an ever-lasting solution for the ever-growing traffic. Some citizens think the road should be expanded to at least 6 lanes ( 3 taking in and 3 out ) to relieve the area of traffic.

The government has also failed to alternatively repair the few feeder marum roads that would offer option routes to motorists like the Jokas- Namanve route through Seeta Namilyango to Buguju in Mukono. The road is bumpy with big potholes and untarmacked not tempting many motorists to use it in fear of breaking down their cars and motorcycles.

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