Bitter times for MP Hilderman as Amelia Kyambadde vows to reclaim Mawokota North parliamentary seat

The presidential advisor on Trade and Industry the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Mawokota North Amelia Anne Kyambadde has declared a move to complete her unfinished projects in Mawokota North county as we draw close to 2026. #WhisperEyeNews

The former minister of Trade, Industry, and Cooperatives said that her successor Hilary Innocent Kiyaga, alias Dr. Hilderman Mazongoto has done totally nothing to their Constituency but rather insult the reigning government at funerals and earning points for singing for people at their functions.

Hon Amelia Kyamabadde in circulating audio on social media is heard saying that the musician-turned-politician has disorganized things she had done for Mawokota North Constituency. “I’ve been quiet to give space to my successor (Hilderman) to work for our constituents. But it’s very unfortunate that instead of taking on the development projects I left pending completion, he’s very busy insulting the government and singing for people at functions. This is not what we expected in the youth leaders who were elected in our positions”

Mrs. Kyambadde, who is currently a presidential advisor on trade and industry was defeated by his 2011 “Amelia” hitmaker Hillary Kiyaga in the 2021 elections recently revealed, “After voting, I was the first to acknowledge that Hilderman had defeated me because they had told me to go to court and I refused. His problem was thinking that people loved the song because of him, but people loved it because of me. The song changed his life a lot because I sponsored him. I sponsored his shows and supported him. But I was happy that it worked for him and changed his life.”

In the audio, Mrs. Kyambadde is heard addressing a section of NRM cadres in Mpigi District and revealed that she’s angrily getting set to reclaim her position to complete the community development works she left in the office which has not been handled by leaders she referred to as “lazy leaders”.

Amelia Leaked Audio in details

Amelia Kyambadde who recently has no bad blood on her successor, has revealed that she will not keep quiet as Mawokota North is rotting saying that she will contest in the 2026 elections alleging that Dr. Hilderman had reversed most of the services she brought for the constituency, especially in the health sector.

Pressure has amounted among the National Unity Platform (NUP) in Mpigi, as mistrust and various diverging hypotheses which are bound to affect the party performance in 2026.

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