Exile awaits all artistes singing praise of the regime in power, Bobi Wine says

The National Unity Platform leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi has sounded a loud warning to all music artistes on what awaits all those that are dinning with the regime in power which according to him is dictatorial.

Kyagulanyi while at the party’s National Youth convention in Makerere Kavule said that all the artistes that have decided to dine with Gen Museveni and his regime may have to run to exile with him just as those that in past who were singing praise of the blood thirst regimes of Obote and Amin.

Kyagulanyi said he was saddened that some artistes decided to share 30 billion of tax payers money which the regime extended to them to help it fight its opponents. Kyagulanyi however thanked artistes who have for long decided to side with the oppressed people using their voices to expose the bad acts of the regime.

“To the artistes who are still using their talent to stand with the people, I appreciated them greatly and reminded them that they are on the right side of history. In past regimes, artistes who did the bidding of the day’s dictators at the expense of citizens eventually fled with the dictators into exile. The same fate might befall our fellow artistes who recently accepted to share over UGX 30 Billion of tax payers’ money to fight the regime’s opponents. Woe unto them!” Kyagulanyi said

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