Ichuli a life of unfulfilled promises and dreams

Born in 1970, Ibrahim Tusubira popularly known as Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli was also a renowned Ugandan blogger and critic who was pro-government and many times one would think he replaced government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo. #WhisperEyeNews

Isma rose to fame during the 2021 general election after becoming vocal and always against the Kyagulanyi group and on one occasion he vehemently supported the massive slaughter of Ugandans in cold blood during the Luuka unrest after the arrest of national unity platform flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu.

Before his unfortunate demise Olaxess who also doubled as the President of the Uganda Bloggers Association where he was elected in 2021, was one of the biggest and most recognized online political analysts in Uganda.

Having spent close to 10 years in Sweden Ichuli came back to Uganda penny less and started a new life in 2015 as a painter a profession he was so found of, however not all was good since in Uganda painters are paid very little money compared to the hard work they do couple with his advance age.

The 2021 general election came as a blessing to Isma as the Nup camp had set up a very vocal and strong online army that was giving the Nrm government a run for its money and there was a need for pro-NRM bloggers and this the 53-year-old capitalized on together with other vloggers like Tamale, Tamale junior among other formed the Nrm front and this went on to receive massive airplay on both mainstream and online media.

Since then Jajja Ichuli did not look back and had for the years managed to collect some wealth for himself and a number of endorsements and contracts.

At the time of his Isma Olaxess was the brand ambassador of Ham Enterprises, Victoria University, Spa Mania, and other big-selling brands which had helped elevate his life for example Ham CEO Hamis Kigundu had gifted him a brand new Toyota Hiace nicknamed drone Registration number plate UBK 213D.

Isma is survived by no wife and child and this to him was because he had a very low sperm count as he disclosed this to Faridah Nakazibwe on her morning NTV show Mwasuze Mutya.

Isma was gunned down by yet-to-be-revealed assailants on his way home and his driver Wasswa Matthias survived a death that was received by mixed feelings throughout the banana republic and left shock and fear among the bloggers as it was only a few days after he had released a mocking video towards the death of fallen minister Engola and many believed it was a retaliation strike but police and the president of Uganda refuted the same.

The president attributed the death to the pigs and it’s our prayer that these pigs are apprehended such that they don’t take someone else’s life.

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