“There are external elements paying people to blackmail government ” Chris Baryomunsi

The Minister for ICT and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi this morning while appearing on a political talk show said that government is aware that there are some external activists that are paying people to shed a wrong picture of the government, especially on social media. #WhisperEyeNews

Baryomunsi’s words come at a time when social media was awash with pictures of medical interns who were arrested by police as they tried to demonstrate as well the health and Kampala porthole exhibition that hit the government so badly.

Baryomunsi said that government will however not lose sleep because a few people are trying to exaggerate events on social media pointing out the medical interns’ grievances which in his view did not call for a strike.

“These issues being raised by the health personnel do not require a strike. If well articulated to the Ministry of Health and the government, they can be well handled.” He said

“As a government, we wake up, and go to the office early because we have to work for the people of Uganda. We know that there are some external activists that pay people to blackmail the government.” He added

Baryomunsi however did not mention the external elements that are sponsoring people to blackmail the government. On Twitter, a one Dr. Spire Ssentongo a cartoonist has been at the forefront of exposing the rot in the country’s health sector as well as the mass portholes in the city something that forced the government to release 6 billion shillings to fix the port holes in the capital Kampala.

On the issue of murders especially by gunshots, Baryomunsi said that all government officials being guarded by bodyguards need to create a personal relationship with people who protect them so as to understand their grievances.

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