Martha Mukisa was not all glamour at her maiden Sisaga concert

Friday 12th May 2023 will take a long to disappear from the memory of the Ugandan upcoming musician Martha Mukisa. #WhisperEyeNews
The Sango and Neteze hitmaker had scheduled that day for a maiden concert at Namasuba-based freedom city.

The concert, aptly titled Sisaaga after her EP happened at Freedom City last Friday evening with a handful of people in attendance. A concert that had received massive support from her fellow artists and the entertainment fraternity at large.

This was after a spirited war with fellow upcoming artist Tumusime Catherine Aka Kapa cat who criticized her move of staging up a show immaturely and all the music fraternity was hell-bent on proving Dansolo queen Kapa wrong.

However, as midnight clocked Kappa Cat was the victor as the show received a hand full of revelers and most of them were actually Martha Mukisa’s close aides and artists.

However, Whisper Eyes has ably come up with what really went wrong for Martha Mukisa.

Firstly the New Year’s Eve stampede at the venue where some lives were lost, the venue has not had any successful events and Martha was not going to be an exception.

Secondly, Martha Mukisa had a couple of hits to her name however most of them where collabos and hence she could not easily be a crowd puller because people jammed at her good jams not necessarily knowing who she was but because of the big artists she was featuring, wrong for upcoming musicians.

Lastly, Martha’s music had not been consumed by both the cooperate class and down town people it was still trying to break through and this could only portray the little numbers she had.

Hard luck Martha next time better.

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