Song Review “Bailando” Vinka’s single topping Uganda music chats

The mother of one showcases her impressive talent and work ethic in ‘Bailando’ which is a fusion of Afro-pop and Dancehall. #WhisperEyeNews, Reports

Bailando was released on 13th April 2023 by the Swangz Avenue powerhouse, written and produced by Daddy Andre. It is a party and love vibe song, with bright and cheerful lyrics and visuals where compiled by celebrated video director Marvin Musoke.

Whisper Eye has learned that Bailando’ is a Spanish word which means ”Dancing, would you imagine!

The singer has indeed disapproved of fellow singer Victor Ruz who came out early on his social media handle to criticize the song as he stated that the song is good but poorly written and that there was nothing new to it but just vibes.


Being a proven Songwriter, others agree with Victor Ruz but maintain that sometimes, songs are just done for the vibes and not lyrics.

However, Bailando has gone on to receive massive airplay on different media stations. Social media has also been awash with dance challenges for the song both on TikTok and YouTube.

The song has since topped all local playlists since April to date and has gone on to become a club anthem with people always quoting some of its catchy lyrics like It’s a weekend…..tusimbude” The beat will strum you out of bed, out of comfort, and jolts you into the ‘mood’. That is the Bailando mood.

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