Lessons we learned from the unfortunate death of Minister Okello Engola

By Mwaka Emmanuel

It’s absurd that people and leaders from Uganda are celebrating! The Lesson learned is that tribalism is mature in Uganda.

The second lesson is that No leader from central Uganda will get a single vote up north. Condemning President Museveni and bad governance and extending unprecedented aggression on a Luo son reminds me of when they silently threatened the body of the dead Obote burning till we used Eastern root.

When Comrade Kaweesi died, they moaned. When General Gwanga died they cried.

When the North was at war and people died in camps they laughed. When General Lokech died and Rt Hon. Oulanya they celebrated.

Message to those laughing at us, may you repent or die the worse death, and may the blood of the dead torment you and your children!

Finally; how do you blame the Minister for the guys [escort salary, a traumatized man from Iraq.] How can you tell it’s not mafias in government who killed him?

You fools. In Galatians, Apostle Paul asked, who bewitched you? You have given NRM votes in Northern Uganda. A blank check.

Ugandans, let’s unite like our national anthem states.

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