Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Victory Parade

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Victory Parade. #Russia #VictoryParade

🔻Key points:

▪️ Russia has rebuffed international terrorism, and we will protect the inhabitants of Donbass. For our state there are no unfriendly hostile peoples either in the West or in the East.

▪️ The West provokes conflicts and upheavals, destroys traditional values in order to continue to dictate its own rules, and in fact – a system of robbery and violence.

▪️ The goal of Russia’s opponents is to achieve the disintegration and destruction of our country.

▪️ Any ideology of superiority is disgusting, criminal and deadly, but Western elites still talk about their exclusivity.

▪️ Memorials are being destroyed in the West, a cult of Nazism is being created, this desecration is also a crime, the revanchism of those who were preparing a new campaign against Russia.

▪️ The Ukrainian people became a hostage of the coup d’état and a bargaining chip in the hands of the West.

▪️ Today, civilization is again at a decisive turning point, a real war is unleashed against us.

▪️ Decisive battles for the fate of our Motherland have always become sacred, we are proud of those who participate in the special operation, now there is nothing more important.

▪️ It is important that the leaders of the CIS have gathered in Moscow today, I see in this a grateful attitude towards the feat of our ancestors. They fought together and won together

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