Police block Mpigi Woman MP Teddy Nambooze from joining NUP national-wide protests

Mpigi police bloc Mpigi MP Teddy Nambooze from joining NUP national-wide protests declared to kick start today. #WhisperEyeNews

The Mpigi district woman MP Hon Teddy Nambooze has been blocked by Uganda Police from joining the national wide protests declared to kick start today 8th May 2023.

A reliable source has told Whisper Eye News that MP Nambooze had mobilized Kammengo residents to join the protests intended to demand lower prices of commodities and demand NUP party presidential victory in 2021.

In Mpigi security has been beefed up in each and every corner, with a well-harmed patrol at a Gasoline petrol station at Nakirebe, in Mpigi Town, Kammengo, Buwama, and Kayabwe Town council to prevent protesters from demonstrating.

MP Teddy Nambooze hoodwinked police and mobilized residents who turned up, but unfortunately was betrayed by some members of the mobilization team who intimated the police to reach the venue earlier before they had set off.

Our sources have also informed us that many key influential people to mobilize these protests have been given money by President Museveni to contain the situation.

In Kampala every corner had dozens of security forces manning central places to deter any protests.

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