“Killers targeting me”, NRM’s Majjembere cries for help

Following the gunning down of famous blogger Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxes, another famous NRM blogger and Museveni diehard @MpologomaM Majjambere has come out crying saying that he is being targeted next. #WhisperEyeNews

Majjambere says he received what’s app messages from an anonymous person warning him that he is next on the list of those that are supposed to be killed.

Majjambere shared screenshots of the messages that came from a number with a +20 country code of Egypt.

“Just a day after my comrade @ismaolaxess was shot dead, I have woken up to these WhatsApp messages below. You are the next on the list, such are the contents of these messages. I have appealed to all security agencies @updf_,@PoliceUg,@CMI,@ISO, and all that ever since my aggravated assault by NUP_Ug youth. These warnings are common on my phone. Even before that October incident, I was warned that I would be beaten for promoting.” Majjembere posted on his official tweeter handle

“I have since appealed for personal security but many thought this was a joke, a move to meet the President and other schools of thought, but not anymore because yesterday’s incident proves me right, the late.@ismaolaxess says it in several of his videos that he was being threatened until the fateful evening yesterday.” He added

By press time Majjembere was yet to get any help from his bosses.

we shall keep you updated.

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