4 arrested over possession of explosives devices, says UPDF

The UPDF has this morning arrested four yet-to-be-identified youths in Kibwa village, Nabweru over possession of Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs). #WhisperEyeNes

According to the spokesperson of the UPDF 1st Division Major Charles Kabona, the army was yesterday tipped off about the presence of these suspects in the area and this is why they rounded them off.

Major Kabona says these materials are used to make explosives like the ones that are used in Somalia and recently used in Uganda to kill people like the recent explosions in the city near parliament.

According to the UPDF spokesperson Gen Felix Kulaigye, these IEDs were to be used by rioters today who were planning to paint the city red.

The opposition had announced that 8th May was a day to launch the country-wide demonstrations protesting against the high costs of living, increasing human rights violations, and mass murders among others.

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