Buganda Road Court dismisses NUP’s Motiv Kasagga criminal case

Buganda Road-based criminal court has today put to rest a criminal case against Mr. Motiv Kasagga (@MotivKasagga), Whisper Eye Reports. #WhisperEyeNews

Mr Motiv Kasagga was last year arrested by mean-looking security forces led by what Police mouthpiece Fred Enaga described as elite police officers to curb a criminal.

It’s true Motiv Kasagga a renowned National Unity Platform supporter was held for weeks at various police detention facilities including Kireka until he was dragged to court and criminally charged.

He was also held 3 days at Mbuya Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and inducted into a series of clobber sessions presided by CMI attaches from Western and Northern regions of Uganda, one of his tweets state.

According to Uganda Police, Motiv Kasagga was criminally liable for the offenses under the dismantled Computer Misuse Act although they failed to present any evidence against him.

His lawyer Keeya Mwanje today broke the news that the sitting magistrate agreed with his submissions to dismiss all charges against his client for want of prosecution.

In a tweet, he wrote,” This morning we have secured the dismissal of the case against comrade Motiv Kassagga who was abducted by drones in September last year and tortured for a month before his arraignment over trumped up Charges. The dismissal was for want of Prosecution”.

In most criminal cases when a court feels that there has been a lack of progress in the case, they may issue a dismissal for want of prosecution.

Little is known about the next step Mr Motiv Kasagga will take against those security forces that also tortured him however he hinted at dragging the government to court.

In his comment, Mr. Kasagga thanked his Lawyer for being there for him.

In Uganda, arrests of supporters of opposition politicians is on the rise since Former Kyadondo East MP Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu became president of the National Unity Platform.

By Press time Mr. Kyagulanyi was yet to react to Motiv Kasagga’s developments.

Whisper Eye to keep you posted.

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