Just In: DP’s UYD Wasswa wins MUBS guild race

Wasswa Christopher of the Uganda Young Democrats (UYD ) has won the MUBS guild presidential race. #WhisperEyeNews

Provisional results received by this publication indicate that Wassawa Christopher has defeated National Unity Platforms Lenia Charity Kevin.

The UYD-leaning candidate proved to be the majority’s favorite as he won at most of the polling centers at the Nakawa-based university.

Wassawa Christopher’s massive victory means that the well-structured Uganda Young Democrats the youth wing of the Democratic Party has regained its dominance in the MUBS guild elections.

Wassawa Chrispoter will become MUBS’ 27th guild president.

Makerere University Business School students went to the polls on 2nd May 2023 to elect their next guild president.

By press time, the MUBS electoral commission had officially released a declaration of results.

Wasswa had scored 1929 votes against 1579 of Kevin the closest challenger.

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