Gen Museveni declares new war on the corrupt

The President of the Republic of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni while addressing the public during the Labour Day celebrations in Namutumba District East of Kampala on 1st May 2023 said that he is now turning his eyes to the corrupt politicians and civil servants. #WhisperEyeNews

Gen Museveni said that these two categories of people are the main reason for the delays in service delivery and are involved in the frustration of investors (wealth creators) as they keep asking for bribes from them.

Gen Museveni added that the fight against the corrupt is going to be tough than ever before with many culprits going to be sent to Luzira so that the rest learn from them.

“We have got two enemies whom I am going fight and you are going to hear the fight. These are corrupt politicians and civil servants. These are the ones interfering with your future. These are the ones disturbing the investors, asking for bribes, and delaying decisions. ” He said

Gen Museveni also said that he is going to set up another unit in his office of the President where the investors can ring directly if anybody asks them for a bribe or delays decision-making.

Corruption has been one of the main weaknesses of the Museveni-led government where numerous Corruption scandals have come to light involving high-profile politicians and civil servants.

Recently the OPM scandal involving the stealing of iron sheets meant for the vulnerable people of Karamoja saw at least 3 Ministers dragged to jail while others are yet to be tried in the courts of law.

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