The cost of renovating Namboole would construct almost 4 new standard stadiums, Magogo says

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo has once again expressed dissatisfaction about the shoddy expensive work being done by the UPDF engineering Brigade that was tasked by the government of Uganda through the Minsitry of works to renovate Namboole Stadium.

Magogo for starters said that the Engineering Brigade might be good at constructing buildings but lacks the expertise of constructing stadiums because their construction requires special Engineering skills which the army Brigade does not have since they have no history of having ever put up a stadium before.

Magogo also added that the Ministry of works which is supervising the renovation of the stadium equally lacks the expertise to do the Supervisory job as in its entire history, it has never Supervised a stadium construction project.

“The engineering brigade of @updf_ has done an excellent job else where for instance in hospitals, schools among other projects and if I had another job I would gladly give it to them. However Stadium construction engineering is all together highly specialised. Fact is current contractors have never constructed a football pitch. The same with the supervisor MoWT Uganda who have never supervised a stadium project.They lack the expertise and experience of stadium construction.” He said

Magogo thus said the the manner in which the contract was awarded to the UPDF Engineering Brigade raises alot of questions and thus is not surprised that the work being done is shoddy, slow and weirdly expensive.

The Budiope East Legislator also raised a fact that the cost of renovating Namboole is way to expensive with phase one only to cost over 97 billion Uganda shillings.

According to Magogo, Suez Canal Authority Stadium in Ismaillia, Egypt where Uganda hosted Tanzinia in the AFCON Qualifier game costed an equivalent of 93 billion Uganda shillings. Magogo says this means at 97 billion, Uganda would have put up a new stadium at CAF standard that can host AFCON games.

Phase two of Namboole would cost over 100 billion while phase 3 to cost over 120 billion. According to Magogo, the total cost of renovating Namboole would have put up over 4 new standard stadiums but it’s surprising such an amount is only going to renovate one stadium.

Due to lack of a stadium that is upto par to host AFCON qualifier games, Uganda has been forced to prepare to host its next fixture vs Algeria in Cameroon in June.

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