NUP diaspora asks Bobi Wine to sack Mpuuga as LoP over allegations of espionage and disloyalty

NUP diaspora team asks Bobi wine to sack Mpuuga as LoP over espionage & disloyalty.


The leader of Opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga is not in good books of many wings that make up the National Unity Platform.

Recently, the NUP president Hon Robert Kyagulanyi was in Boston, USA where he met the NUP diaspora team US chapter.

Speaking to him, the diaspora team complained about his delay in sacking Hon Mpuuga as LoP with many saying that Mpuuga betrayed the struggle as he continues to dine with the regime in power.

A one Maria Nankya aka Jaja NUP spoke harshly on the matter saying that Mpuuga is known to be a Judah Escariot since the days of Dr Kizza Besigye adding that itโ€™s MPuuga who betrayed the walk to work events that were almost throwing Gen Museveni out of power.

The team said that itโ€™s high time Hon Kyagulanyi took a bold stand to sack Mpuuga both as LoP and Deputy President of Buganda region because his agendas are so divergent from those of the struggle.

โ€œMpuuga is a distortor, Judah and treasure hunter. Sack him!!โ€ Voices were heard from audience

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