#KampalaPotholeExhibition: Minister Baryomunsi warns against exhibiting potholes on social media

#KampalaPotholeExhibition: Minister Baryomunsi warns against exhibiting potholes on social media.


Minister for ICT and National Guidance Dr. Chris Baryomunsi has warned the public against the misuse of social media saying that this may force the government to come up with stringent measures.

This was after social media was awash with pictures exhibiting the millions of many portholes on the roads in Kampala. Baryomunsi says this was uncalled for as people should acknowledge the fact that they have leaders whom they can reach up to help correct the mess in the city.

He added that if one takes a picture of the porthole, it’s better to send or reach up to his area councilor so that the leader raises the matter to the authorities concerned.

Following the too much pressure, KCCA released a statement where they said budget constraints are the main reason why they have failed to fix the portholes in the city.

However, they promised to do something about it within their limited budget means.

In the same development, President Museveni asked the Ministry of Finance to release UGX 6 billion to KCCA in the interest of road maintenance.

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