UYD speaks out on prosecution of corrupt ministers, sounds tough warning

Democratic Party Youth wing the Uganda Young Democrats President Kirya Ismail warned on Tuesday that the prosecution of corrupt ministers and government officials “ is a good gesture and if this justice and rule of law has been happening for at least 20 years ago then Uganda wouldn’t be losing a lot of money in corruption because it would be minimal..”, Whisper Eye News Reports

Speaking at the weekly DP- organized presser, UYD President appreciated the various sectors on corruption, We want to appreciate the Police and all the security agencies for the work however, let’s not concentrate on small corruption scandals for political gains.

Delivering his remarks clad in his trademark green tie franked by his assistants, Kirya marked UYD’s new week by proclaiming that Ladies and gentlemen the iron sheet saga has around 20,000 iron sheets that were embezzled out of the 107,000 iron sheets received by the OPM.

This is not more than 1.5b UG shillings, this could be a scandal used just to hit their targets but not necessarily fight corruption., Kirya wondered.

Opposition leaders often use pressers to make bombastic threats against the NRM government. They warned, A few days ago we saw President Museveni writing to the prime minister ordering her not to allow all those associated with the scandal not to leave the country.

For the first time, he is proving to be so much concerned which is making us wonder. Is he the real Museveni we know or someone used his headed paper? Mr. Museveni had never been interested in any scandal before like this.

Anyway, as a benefit of the doubt, we appreciate him but let him allow the systems to work normally, we have the Judiciary which has courts and will determine whether those associated with the scandal are legible to leave this country or not but not you.

Kirya used the same occasion, saying that “On top of the above since Judiciary has now proved to be coming out of sleep we want to remind it to clear the old scandalous cases also”

1) The Kisozi farm.
If security and judiciary are serious let them also investigate the Kisozi farm. How did the current owner get it, whom did he buy it from, and at what cost?? This is a farm meant to benefit Ugandans but it’s benefiting only one individual.

2) Temangalo Land
This scandal began in 2008 when former security ministers John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, Mr. Amos Nzei, Mr. Ezra Suruma, and others inflated this land and forced the NSSF to buy it at a dubious cost. Uganda lost billions and billions of money. How did it end?

3) Chogm
In this case, we saw the former vice president Prof. Gilbert Bukenya influence pedaling since he was the Chairman of the committee for the construction of a personal hotel using the Tax payer’s money in disguise for constructing a hotel meant to be utilized by Chogm delegates. He visited prison once and the Case was withdrawn.

In the Tuesday address, Uganda Young Democrats noted that this scandal will end the same way all these ended because it’s not aiming at fighting corruption but exposing those who want to get rid of the system.

On Sudan unrest, UYD called upon two groups to come back to the table and reignite the talks for the betterment of their country.

In Sudan, the National Army headed by Gen Abdel Fattah AlBurhan and the Rapid support forces (RSF) headed by Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo on its fifth day militarily scrambled to control the country.

They cautioned President Museveni to pick one or two lessons from Sudan’s unrest, ” We don’t want such wars to happen in Uganda because of overstaying and not honoring agreements”. Kirya said.

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