Minister Babalanda booed for defending the unwanted Mubende RDC

Minister for Presidency Hon Milly Babalanda had a tough afternoon on Friday as she addressed the public during the pass out of the participants in a Patriotism course.

In the speech of the area MP Hon David Kabanda, he informed the Minister about the complaints from the locals over the unpleasant deeds of the RDC Rosemary Byabashaija.

However, Minister Babalanda defended the RDC she supervises saying that she is a person of good morals and thus the locals should give her some time to prove herself that she is the right person for the job.

Babalanda’s words were counter-attacked by locals who booed her all way during the speech expressing dissatisfaction. ‘Fire her’ chants were heard from the residents who asked the Minister to take away her RDC.

Hon Kabanda said that locals have been complaining to him that the RDC connives with the land grabbers to evict people from their land illegally with many having nowhere to leave.

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