“Go back with your RDC!!” MP Kabanda tells Minister Babalanda

Hon David Kabanda yesterday during the passing of the National Patriotism corps in Kasambya Mubende District used the opportunity to tell the Minister for Presidency Hon Milly Babalanda about the misbehavior of the Mubende RDC Ms. Rosemary Byabashaija #WhisperEyeNews

A furious Kabanda said the locals are complaining about the evil acts of the RDC who is accused of conniving with land grabbers to unlawfully evict people from their land.

” I want to tell you Minister that the RDC you sent to us is evil and a thief. Please go back to Kampala with your RDC we retired her. She is the one behind the illegal evictions of people from their land. The RDC we had previously was miles better than this one.” Kabanda roared

Chants from the locals were heard saying Ms. Rosemary Byabashaija is a thief and asking the RDC to take her away.

RDC Byabashaija who was present at the function was never given a chance to speak to defend herself but her boss Minister Babalanda defended her saying the locals should be patient as the Ministry asses her method of work.

When Gen Muhoozi stood to speak, he said he has been told about the errant RDC in Mubende asking Minister Babalanda to look into the matter due to a number of complaints. Gen Muhoozi said unlawful evictions are a crime and all those involved need to face courts of law.

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