Early this week, the Forum for Democratic Change one of the strongest parties in the opposition came out to criticize the continued deployment of Ugandan troops in DRC.

This is after on the 29th of March the Commander Land Forces Gen Muhanga flagging off another contigent of troops to Congo to allegedly stabilize the situation in Goma region which had been captured by a rebel outfit.

According to FDC, the deployment in unlawful since Ugandans through parliament are not consulted before the high command takes the decision to send their sons and daughters to the frontline in Congo.

FDC adds that Ugandans should remember that Gen Museveni and some senior UPDF officers were taken to the International Court of Justice for stealing Congo’s resources between 1997-1998 where the Court ruled that Uganda pays Congo $325 million which is Shs 1.1 trillion.

The Najanankumbi based party added that of recent, in 2022, over Ushs 90bn was spent on Operation Shuja, an operation that was never sanctioned by Uganda parliament and with no clear benefits but only led to losses to Uganda hence leading to accumulated debts.

FDC says Uganda is heading to collapse in the hands of Gen Museveni and thus citizens need to rise and stop these reckless expenditures ASAP.

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