Opposition led anti-homosexiality Bill is a strategy of NUP to isolate, Crash Museveni – Buyinza Adam

The opposition led Anti-homosexiality Bill is a strategy of NUP to isolate and Crash Museveni
The thinking of Buyinza Adam #WhisperEyeNews

I have now accepted that Bobi wine is an international relations icon and he is succeeding in isolating Museveni…M7 may fall as a fully globally isolated Leader.

President Museveni had never been isolated in his reign until when Bobi wine came to the stage.

Iam trying to understand why its NUP and NUP Wellwishers pushing for the anti-homosexiality bill and doing everything possible so that president Museveni assents to it.

All laws made in Uganda have always been made to sustain the state and protect President Museveni.

Museveni may agree or not but his over stay in power is largely because of the support he has always enjoyed from the west and his fall will come from the west..He is very much aware..

Isn’t this the opposition group which has been moving allover USA and Europe asking Western Powers to impose sanctions on NRM Government and stop funding President Museveni Regime?

Iam beginning to believe that Bobi wine is a true fighter and extremely strategic.I am wondering how Bobi and Nup managed to trick the state in Uganda to follow this nup led anti homosexuality law.


This is my thinking as an ordinary subsistence farmer. You are also entitled to your opinion..

Be blessed.

Buyinza Adam

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