The sacrifice of Norbert Mao makes me ask: Whose Uganda is Uganda? – Mwaka

“My fellow Ugandans, let me be the fool. Let me be the idiot. Let me be the laughingstock for now! Hon. Norbert Mao said these on national TV after many attacked him. #WhisperEyeNews

I received it with tears. Tears for Uganda, a country bedeviled by the art of ‘the art of war as its state-making tool with violent transition laced with guns of tribalism.’

Last year, in 2022, the President General of DP, Norbert Mao, shocked the world by signing a corporation agreement and President Museveni. Top in his mind was transition.

Sadly, the so-called opposition and some fundamentalists in the NRM government whose lives depend on Museveni’s life Presidency or “parasitism” was enraged inwardly.

Thanks for the wisdom that visited President Museveni, who opened his hands for a better peaceful Uganda and accepted to work with DP. I hope he will prove critics wrong by not trying to destroy the opposition but using DP as a go-between.

Once bitten twice shy, many Ugandans have judged that Mao’s quest for transition is dead on arrival. This school of thought was bestowed by General Museveni’s contradiction of Mao on transition. He distanced himself from transition.

A warning to you, Mr. President, you said NRM will decide on transition, I shudder. ‘ If you want peace, tranquility, and prosperity In Uganda besides maintaining the love you have in Africa and the world, in order to maintain your legacy, set up a committee of eminent persons, and never be tempted to run in the next election in 2026. With East Africa integration, We can front you as our president.

Yes, Mao received names like a traitor, idiot, and others for the agreement between DP and NRM. As a mentee among thousands of Ugandans mentored and inspired by Mao, I told him to ignore the hypocrites who seem more Catholic than the pope in opposition.


These are the moral questions to ask if we are to judge Mao and his actions. Uganda belongs to all of us. Given our dirty past, we need sacrifice. I am happy Mao accepted to be the sacrificial lamb. I would be grateful if the president used his unmatched wisdom to sacrifice his appetite and run for life.

I am not surprised with Mao took the contrervasial stance. Norbert Mao is never greedy! I remember in his early 20s, he was already fighting for the rights of the needy and Ugandans as Makerere Guild President in 1990.

In 1996, at about 26, he was elected, Member of Parliament for Gulu Municipality. He served for only two terms as he had promised.

Acholi and Northern Ugandans love Mao. He was the only person who would run for parliament with no posters and money.

Wright now, people are confused about his working with one they felt was their tormentor and subjugator! In his words, Mao said, ” Judge not,” he quoted the Bible.

In spite of the love and popularity Mao had in 2006, unlike many people both in government and opposition that has made parliament their home and granary, Mao proved the world wrong by walking the talk and leaving parliament.

I witnessed his humility and love for Uganda as his legislative assistant in the seventh parliament [2001-2006], a time when people like Dr. Besigye, Byanyima, and many others were with Museveni and condoning corruption and death in Acholi and Northern Uganda.

Mao stood for justice. They called him a traitor and LRA or Kony sympathizer because he advocated against the war and forced the government to accept peace talks with LRA to stop the mayhem.

It was the minority report that he sponsored in parliament that helped many rebels to come out. Besides, he and others sacrificed to go to the Garamba forest in DRC to talk to the deadly Kony. Most of the so-called opposition was enjoying life as showbiz in Uganda or engaging in corruption.

Besides advocating for the peaceful end of the war, Mao, being a lawyer, initiated legal aid programs that gave legal work to the poor freely.

The emotional blackmail Mao faced by accepting to work with aging president Museveni for a better transition created a huge shenanigan. It’s much ado without anything. Mao spent his life fighting to liberate Uganda, which is now seen as foolhardy.

After three decades of opposition. Running for the presidency twice. Witnessing sham elections is a thing opposition agrees on. Hon. Mao decided to change strategies.
The opposition insists elections in Uganda are a sham, yet they participate for food. How can you do the same thing severally and expect a better result?

Others have been in parliament since General Museveni opened parliament. They are like ticks. They are against anyone who wants change yet hypocritically. During elections, they silently negotiate with the government at night for money so as not to be rigged out.

Imagine how the opposition can win, yet votes are stuffed? I am quoting them. Please, President Museveni, help Uganda from these zombies. I started to appreciate General Muntu when he said “ Soon you will know real moles and you will wonder.”

A message to President Museveni, don’t ignore Mao’s call for transition. The opposition, swallow your pride, and quit hypocrisy for a negotiated transition. It’s possible. Going for elections you know can’t change anything, but a recipe for disaster and anarchy is an expose of the ghost of your hypocrisy.

Whatever name you will give him. Remember, he spent his life in Uganda. When some of you were robbers in government. Enjoying life. Mao was struggling for you. Indeed, wisdom prevailed, and decided to go for what he wanted for Uganda. I think he is extremely disappointed with unbaked abusers!

Yes, let me leave this Acholi wisdom. ” Yamu kodo, dud gweno woko.” This means that the wind will blow, and we will see the Anas of the chicken. Please, Mr. President, expose them

Mwaka Emmanuel Lutukumoi.

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