Anti Homsexaulity Bill: Open Letter to Ugandan MPs – Kasekende

Through the Speaker Hon Anite Among,

Through Hon Asuman Basalirwa,

For the long time before your bid to victimize the harmless minority Ugandan LGBTQs just because of your hate against them, I have been admiring your personality and speeches. I am not a Lesbian or Gay or Bisexual or Transgender or Queer (LGBTQ) but I am one of the few Ugandans who think having a sexual orientation different from mine is not a crime.

Hon MP and your fellows, besides the much unknown hate you have against LGBTQ have you put aside your biased side to find out that no one is taught or trained to be LGBTQ but one is born just like that?! So why sentencing people just because they were created that way?!

The lives of people who have not harmed anyone but who are just being who they’re should not be criminalized
Personally I don’t care even if there is only one person who is LGBTQ in Uganda or two because that person also has a right to be existing on the planet and generally in his or her motherland Uganda.
It’s really an abuse of power Ugandan MPs are doing to say that LGBTQ people should not exist.

Yes we all agree the sexual abuse of children and their recruitment into sexual acts, rape should be purnished according to existing laws of Uganda (refer to Sexual Offenses bill and to the Penal code as amended)

Corruption is worse than Homosexuality, Parliament has now become a theatre of deal-makers instead of legislating on issues that affect common Ugandans, like unemployment, Corruption, lack of drugs in health centers, poorly facilitated UPE schools, poor roads, etc. Parliament is busy swimming in scandal after scandal and now they have no moral authority to even make government account or even Parliament is too vulnerable to Play its oversight role, they are instead discussing bedroom issues!

Fellow Ugandans, however much we may hate the LGBTQ, we have no right to criminalize them just because of their sexual orientation and identity.

Quoting the Pope; LGBTQ is a sin but not a crime so don’t make it one for God’s sake.
Let us style up and live with humanity because this world (Uganda) is enough for all of us including those LGBTQ.

For God and my country Uganda

Ronald Kasekende
The generational leader

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