Youth leaders demand Speaker Among’s resignation for wasting public resources on Anti Homosexuality Bill

A section of youth leaders from across the country, and different political parties, demand the immediate resignation of Speaker Anitah Annet Among. #WhisperEyeNews

National Unity Platform(NUP), National Resistance Movement(NRM), Democratic Party(DP), and Forum For Democratic Change(FDC), have today morning in their press conference asked the Speaker of Parliament Rt Hon Anita Annet Among to return Karamoja Aid Ironsheets and resign in Public interest.

These youth leaders accuse the flamboyant Speaker of diverting aid meant for Karamoja to her personal projects.
They say that Parliament has lost its legislative direction and now the Members of Parliament are using the Anti Homosexuality Bill to divert the public from demanding accountability, says AKampa Tanbull, one of the National Coordinators, of Youth leaders Coalition for A Better Uganda(YLCBU).

Corruption is worse than Homosexuality, Parliament has now become a theatre of deal-makers instead of legislating on issues that affect common Ugandans, like unemployment, Corruption, lack of drugs in health centers, poorly facilitated UPE schools, poor roads…Parliament is busy swimming in scandal after scandal and now they have no moral authority to even make government account or even Parliament is too vulnerable to Play its oversight role, they are instead discussing bedroom issues.

Youth demand for Parish Development Model (PDM) to work for all Ugandans, better jobs, and better service delivery among others than just laws on sex.

One of the placards

Akampa, calls upon President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to direct an investigation into Parliament otherwise the mafia in government and parliament is working to overthrow the NRM Government by turning it against the Western World, this is the geopolitics and we can not afford to look on as few individuals/enemies of Uganda want to overthrow President Museveni even when he was very deliberate in his address to members of Parliament, that they are still studying whether Homosexuality or LGBTIQ is a question of biology or not, he told Parliament to go slow.

Go back to your people/constituencies, meet people, and talk with them, they talk to you as well as listen to them then come back and legislate on the issues that affect them than wasting time in Kampala moving within corridors of Parliament.

President Museveni further urged Members of Parliament to carry out their oversight role and make sure Parish Development Model (PDM) works for the people in their villages.

As youth leaders, we have realized that Parliament is misled and the Anti Homosexuality Bill is just diversionary given the fact that the Penal Code already makes it criminal for a man to marry or rape a fellow man, Homosexuality, or even sleep with an animal-beastiality as well Prostitution, we are wondering why Parliament has continued to misuse Public resources in issues that are not more important.

It is on this background that we demand the Speaker of Parliament to return the Karamoja Ironsheets and resign in the public interest and the people of Bukedea to start preparing for a new Member of Parliament same as Hon Gitutu, Lugolobi, and others, are hereby called upon to resign concluded AKAMPA Tanbull, National Coordinator of Youth for a Better Uganda.

We will keep you posted on this story.

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