Meet a Passionate Uganda cyclist who makes crafts from old bicycle parts

Meet Ivan N Baliboola former PR Expert cum artist expert making crafts from old bicycle parts. #WhisperEyeNews

This year alone Ivan has cycled 100km around Uganda for health and fun reasons. Ivan makes Flower vases, Bookends, paperweights, candle holders, wall hanging, remote holders, centerpieces, stools, lamp shades, and unique Awards from old Bicycle parts.

Mr. Ivan N Baliboola is a passionate cyclist in his professional communication career. When he is not practicing public relations and social media management, he makes crafts.

Why did you start making crafts?

I woke up to so many bicycle parts that I no longer needed for my bicycles. My why was to start a craft business that can promote urban cycling but also motivate people to never give up in life.

How did you acquire skills?

I have a very critical eye and I used Instagram for inspiration when starting out. I picked inspirations from my past workplace where I designed Kids Play Areas. I researched widely on people that had done similar crafts when starring up. I wanted to develop new products that you would not find anywhere. I sketch products and engage a welder before painting.

Some of Ivan;s crafts

My goal is that bicycle crafts act as a tool for urban cycling promotion and life inspirational therapy. All the parts I collect and use have been written off, they cannot be reused on any bicycle but here am repurposing them. I hope they inspire more people to repurpose their lives.

lvan N Baliboola on his bike

All am doing is repurposing all parts into useful items like Bookends, candle holders, flower vases, key holders, and pen holders.

The process
I have garages I work with to collect old bicycle parts. I sock metals in detergents for days to remove the oil before cleaning. I scrub and dry them before designing them.

lvan N Baliboola is Public Relations and Organizational Diagnosis Specialist.

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